About the AMHF

AMHF is an alliance of organisations, service providers and individual men and women, actively engaged in or interested in addressing the physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, educational, social, spiritual, sexual and relationship needs of men and boys in Australia and any other issues that impact on them.


All men and boys in Australia have an optimal quality of life


Our mission as the Peak National Forum is to expand the use of social determinants to improve male health and wellbeing.


The key objectives are:

Inter-agency co-operation

1. Encourage and support collaboration and integration across the broad range of men and boys services, research and policy development sectors

2. Promote opportunities for the exchange of ideas, information, resources and experience between the various stakeholders who have an interest in the needs of men and boys

3. Work collaboratively with other organisations to promote awareness and cooperation and address all other issues impacting on men and boys

Community interaction and representation

4. Promote the development of social environments which build the health and social wellbeing of men and boys

5. Develop and promote processes to actively encourage the participation of community members in shaping policy and practice

Awareness and education

6. Respond and contribute to the ongoing social discourse about men and boys in the media, academia, government and non-government sectors

7. Gather and disseminate research findings and good practice evidence that impact on the health and social wellbeing of men and boys

8. Work with the educational sector to develop curricula for all relevant courses to better prepare graduates to address the health and social wellbeing of men and boys and any other issues that impact on them

Policy and advocacy

9. Work with all levels of governments to develop effective responses to the needs of men and boys and promote best practice within the government funded services

10. Actively advocate with and on behalf of men and boys to government and non-government sectors to adopt policies, practices and legislation that are beneficial for the health and social wellbeing of men and boys, especially those with the greatest need or disadvantaged in our communities

Services to professionals

11. Develop and provide educational and practical resources for practitioners and services working with men and boys

12. Increase public and professional awareness about health and social wellbeing issues for men and boys

13. Highlight and address the negative social determinants of health for men and boys and promote those determinants that foster wellness, including the positive role of fatherhood, the importance of work, supportive relationships and social connectedness.


1. Inclusiveness

AMHF seeks a diverse membership of individuals and organisations that are committed to and work to address the health and social wellbeing needs of all men and boys and other issues that impact on them

2. Diversity

AMHF exists for all men and boys in Australia regardless of their sexual preference, ethnicity, age, socio-economic status, beliefs or political affiliation

3. Gender equity

AMHF promotes respect for and equality between males and females

4. Positive approach

AMHF affirms a strengths-based view of men and boys - one that acknowledges their unique contribution to all forms of social and human endeavour and recognises the importance of key relationships in their lives

5. Non-alignment

AMHF is not aligned with any ideological position, political party or religious group and is willing to respectfully engage with those who espouse differing views

6. Intellectual integrity

AMHF is rigorous in its approach to issues affecting men and boys and adopts an evidence-based approach in its considerations of specific concerns

7. Respectful partnership

AMHF embraces respectful collaboration with other individuals, organisations, services providers and volunteer groups in order to address the needs of men and boys

8. Accountability

AMHF is open and transparent in its governance and all aspects of its operations