Engaging men’s responses to family violence

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 Effective early intervention is critical in stopping low and moderate-risk cases of family violence escalating into high-risk situations. This book focuses on how community, health and welfare counsellors and other workers, and practicing psychologists, can better engage with men to increase their motivation to access further support to address family violence issues. The first section explores a practice framework that unites the use of feminist, strengths-based and psychological tools. The second section provides ten tools that have proved effective in involving men in deep, structured discussions that can overcome their resistance to confronting attitudes and behaviours that stand in the way of them achieving positive, sustainable change. At all times, safety is a core focus: the safety of the person experiencing the violence, children who may also be exposed to violence, the intervening worker or practitioner (you), and the person who uses the violence. In short, this book aims to promote safer relationships through insight.


Andrew King (BA Wel Stu; MAEd) is the Practice Specialist, Groupwork, and Community Education Manager at Relationships Australia, NSW. He is a specialist trainer who has worked with professionals in Australia, Asia and Canada, and published a range of professional articles. He has also coordinated a large fathers' centre, worked in parenting education, and dealt directly with many cases spanning family violence issues, young people with drug, alcohol and mental health problems, and families with special-needs children.



"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Hundreds of men attend these programs across Australia on any given evening, and yet this work is largely unknown. This book provides a window through which the reader can see this work, it’s potential, and how best to talk about and change this complex social issue more broadly". Dr. Rebecca Gray - Head of Research and Evaluation, Relationships Australia, NSW


"If you work in the field of family work and domestic violence, this is a must read. It covers all aspects of the topic and gives many helpful techniques and tips. He informs and challenges the reader and includes many helpful multisensory tools and intervention step". Ed Jacobs, PhD Associate Professor at West Virginia University and founder of Impact Therapy


2017 Published by Groupwork Solutions



Printed in Australia

ISBN 978-0-6480015-0-8 (Paperback)



Supporting Men in Distress


Unique new resource for women – Supporting Men in Distress

by Dr John Ashfield PhD

A simple and readable resource with:

• Vital strategies for responding to males in distress
• Lots of insights for understanding what makes men ‘tick’

Contains a whole range of topics chosen to ‘get inside’ the most common issues and challenges encountered by women in their struggle to understand and respond to men in distress.

Priced for bulk purchase and getting copies into every home and community

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 Taking Care of Yourself and your Family: A Resource Book for Good Mental Health 


Taking Care of Yourself and your Family: A Resource Book for Good Mental Health is the most read and distributed book of its kind in Australia.

Why? Because it is full of practical information and strategies informed by evidence based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy principles.

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A 'Situational Approach' to Mental Health Literacy in Australia

 The Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies (AIMHS) and the Male Suicide Prevention Australia have recently published 2 complementary Papers

'A Situational Approach to Suicide Prevention' and 'A Situational Approach to Mental Health Literacy'

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Preventing Male Suicide


Suicide is the number one killer of men under 44 years of age. 

It is not just an issue for health and mental health services, but one that must be owned by our community. 

We need to do more than merely talk about it. Each of us can play an important role in suicide prevention

This booklet has been compiled to provide easy to read accurate information for communities, employers, and the broad range of organisations and professionals concerned about male suicide.

Why not plan to put one of these into the hands of every person in your community or organisation?

Booklet contains:
  • Warning signs that a man might be in distress
  • Helping someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts: things to bear in mind
  • Practical tips on how to help
  • Facts about suicide
  • Factors associated with suicide
  • What men experiencing suicidal thoughts need to hear
  • What can I do at a community level?
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Phone 0439 692 975   Email mcrafter@aimhs.com.au

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  Raised By Our Childhood Voices by Darrell Brown




   Bootsie Books  Although the books are about a boy who plays rugby they are also strongly focused on core moral values for young readers.  The books teach the reader positive lessons about life such as friendship, loyalty, character, courage, honesty, commitment, discipline and sportsmanship.  The books also focus on strong family values and respect for parents and elders in general.


I have received numerous emails from happy parents from all over the world thanking me for the positive influence the books have had on their children.  Most of these parents have also stated their children were not usually avid readers of books and it was so nice to see them take an interest in books for a change.  What surprised me the most was the contact I received from parents of kids who loved the books who had no particular interest in rugby at all, when I did write them they were aimed at rugby loving kids and it is such a pleasure to know kids also love them who have no interest in rugby at all.