Mate to Mate at 8 campaign

100 words mate to mate created a campaign to encourage blokes to connect with and support their mates during isolation due to COVID 19. The key message of this campaign was to encourage blokes to reach out to their mates at 8am or 8pm and ask ""hows your day out of 10?" to help understand how they are coping and offer help if needed. Key components of the campaign included: -An awareness campaign using the hashtag #matetomateat8 and advocate AFL footballer Mason Wood to promote the importance of mental health during isolation and looking out for mates and reducing the risk of mental health issues and suicide -A weekly Q&A session called Mate to Mate at 8 - Tuesday talks with Turts, where the 100 word founder Craig Turton talks with guest about practical tips as to how to best deal with isolation -A Mate to Mate fit club using Strava to encourage people to be active and to connect with their mates through exercise such as Weekly Wednesday walks

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