Mr Mark Spinks. CEO Babana Aboriginal Men's Group.

Rev. Raymond Minniecon Scarred Tree Indigenous Ministries St John’s Anglican Church Glebe. 2037. New South Wales Australia. 20th May 2021 RE: Character Reference: Mr Mark Spinks To Whom It May Concern: I have known Mr. Mark Spinks for the past thirty years. He is like a true brother to me. As a matter of fact, from an Indigenous perspective I have responsibilities and obligations to and for him that are of equal value to his own biological parents, because of our Indigenous kinship and family values systems. Mark is a brilliant, qualified community leader and role model among our people, especially in our urban communities in Sydney and beyond. Urban communities have suffered the brunt of the destructive forces of colonialism. He is the founder and CEO of our highly successful Babana Aboriginal Men’s group, Redfern. Mark works as a professional cultural advisor, trainer and educationalist with our youth, including those caught up in the Juvenile Justice system. He has also, designed and developed a highly successful and influential employment relationships with many of Australia’s top 100 companies many of whom have employed Aboriginal people based on Mark’s commendation and recommendation. He also helps develop practical Reconciliation Action Plans for a number of companies who require his expertise. His vision and belief is that our First Nations People, when supported appropriately, can grow and develop positively, to accomplish their dreams and aspirations. His cultural knowledge and wisdom are sought after by many corporations and organisations throughout Australia, many of whom seek to build good, positive relationship with First Nations peoples, especially youth, and communities. His deepest desire is to pass on his exceptional knowledge and expertise, to First Nations youth everywhere so that they can reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. With such incredible professionalism and dedication, I can confidently maintain that Mark Spink’s character is of the highest integrity, trustworthiness and honesty. He is deeply respected, trusted and honoured by all First Nations Elders. He conducts himself, his task and responsibilities with highest levels of professionalism and integrity. He has demonstrated intelligence and competence to the satisfaction and accomplishment of our local Indigenous Elders and community leaders. Anyone who knows Mark knows that he has excellent rapport with people of all ages. His dedication, integrity, commitment and character are of the highest quality that is required for this type of task among First People’s youth, adults, Elders and community leaders. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark Spinks to receive Local Men’s Health Champion award. I am so honoured to partner with Mr. Mark Spinks to support our people. I am always willing and available to discuss Mark 's character, integrity, intelligence and wisdom with anyone who seeks my thoughts and wisdom about him. I can be contacted by email: [email protected] Phone: +61 0417929701. Your sincerely R. Minniecon Rev. Ray Minniecon Scarred Tree Indigenous Ministries St John’s Anglican Church. Glebe. 0417929701

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