Man Cave TV

My name is Daniel, I work with Australian healthy masculinity charity The Man Cave. I'd like to nominate our Man Cave TV team - am also happy to nominate the leader of this project (Al Green) if that's preferred. We recognised when we went into lockdown in Melbourne last year that, because we couldn't run our in-person programs with boys in high schools, we weren't able to meet our Mission - Empowering boys to become great men by providing them and their communities with impactful programs, role models and resources. And so we launched Man Cave TV, to meet boys where they're at - online. This platform is aimed at being a conscious trojan horse for boys and young men. Our intention with it is to meet young men on their level - with humour, banter, play, authenticity and honesty - and provide them with a platform that speaks to them, one that, in addition to humour, also has resources on how young men can manage their mental health, support their mates, and live more authentic happy lives. Since launching, we've reached 1,000+ followers on Instagram, mostly boys who have been through our workshops before, as well as launching TikTok and YouTube channels. Please feel free to contact me for more on 0421 858 982 or [email protected]!

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