The +M Project – Crowther Centre

Much has been written and said about masculinity: is it toxic, does it need to change, does it lead to ill-health for boys and young men, is it linked to violence? One thing we do know, is that something needs to change: amongst boys and men there are higher rates of aggression and violence, poorer school engagement and higher rates of substance misuse and suicide. Recent research has shown that gender specific programs can play a role in helping to shape positive perceptions of manhood. Schools are places for learning: they create the necessary emotional and social conditions to explore and ultimately make developmental choices about identity and values In conjunction with Orygen: The Centre for Youth Mental Health at The University of Melbourne, the Crowther Centre (Brighton Grammar School's research arm) has developed the +M framework which provides boys and young men, and their parents and teachers with content knowledge about positive masculinity. This includes character strengths and virtues, tools for self-reflection, links to curriculum, +M role models (in life and fiction) and understanding the role of various services, supports and resources (including mentoring). The aim is the development of healthy beliefs in boys related to masculinity, mental health and wellbeing, leading to self-determined young men who will lead healthy lives in the broadest sense.

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