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    Q: What's the evidence you are successful?
    A: Please see; https://www.amhf.org.au/3050/susan_elvery

    Evidence of success of the program is collected in a number of ways;
    Partners and former partners of some men who have completed the programs report feeling safer when relating with the men.
    For men who have made changes in their behaviour and way of being with their children, these relationships improve or for some men resume.
    Some feedback from men at the end of programs include;
    ‘I have higher empathy for my partner without justifying or rationalising my behaviour’;

    ‘Given me better self awareness, tools and resources to better handle challenges’;
    understanding of anger and well-being’;

    ‘Impact upon relationship with my partner is still unclear. Impact upon relationship with myself is significant personal growth’
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    Q: What makes this a male-friendly service?
    A: ‘Susan has a finely honed ability to move between empathy and challenge as needed. This helps men move from outrage, blame, indignation, self righteousness, grandiosity, shame, to vulnerability, self-awareness, healthy self-esteem and ultimately to taking responsibility for their abusive behaviour…She has the rare capacity to convey her compassion and absence of judgement for the men who attend this group, whilst holding them accountable for their behaviour…This creates a rich and safe environment for men to face their shame and take responsibility’ Lee Courtwood Supervisor

    ‘Your compassion, your sensitivity, your understanding and your humanity. You always treat the men as ’fellow travelers’ and take the time to understand, be sensitive and to learn about the men’s journey.’ Paul Parker co-leader for three program in 2018.
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    Q: What's the issue your project aims to solve?
    A: Men’s Behaviour Change group programs are designed to create an environment which supports men to examine their thoughts, feelings and behaviour in order to make choices toward non-abusive behaviour. This occurs through using a wide range of activities in a group process where leaders balance empathy and challenge. Men’s Behaviour Change programs also provide support to partners and former partners and the men’s children who have been impacted by men’s abusive behaviour. This work benefits men, their partners and former partners, their children and society as a whole.
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    Q: Your Name?
    A: Susan Elvery originally nominated by Andrew King
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    Q: Name of organisation, project or person nominated
    A: Susan Elveryis employed by Relationships Australia NSW as Team Leader groupwork based in the Sydney City Centre, for her contribution to working with over 220 men in eleven Men’s Behaviour Change programs since 2010 and providing support and guidance to implement RANSW’s ‘whole of family’ approach to Domestic Violence and Family Safety. (http://www.relationshipsnsw.org.au/support services/taking-responsibility-a-course-for-men/) . Taking Responsibility is a group program for men who have been abusive in their intimate partner relationships and are ready to work towards building relationships that are respectful and caring.
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    Q: Your Name?
    A: Ian Westmoreland
    Patricia Waghorn
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    Q: Name of organisation, project or person nominated
    A: Mentoring Men
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    Q: Why should this nomination win?
    A: RAW is highly respected in the communities it services and makes a significant contribution
    to the sustainability and quality of life of rural communities across Tasmania. The organisation employs people with real-life experiences that men can connect with and upskills them, staff include; former baker, a truck driver, a firefighter and an engineer to mention some. RAW engages staff who have lived experience and males relate closer to those who have experienced mental illness and suicidality because they feel understood.

    Throughout its various programs, RAW has provided support to thousands of males and their families across the state and is your mate in tough times.
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    Q: What's the evidence you are successful?
    A: The last ABS statistics showed that Tasmania has bucked the trend of most of the rest of Australia with the second lowest rural suicide rate per 100,000 population and is the only state with a lower rural vs metropolitan suicide rate. RAW attributes Tasmania’s nation-leading reduction in rural and non-metropolitan suicide rates to the collaborative contribution of rural communities and services across the state.

    RAW has the largest engagement from the male population with 60% of services provided for 2018-2019 (FY to date) for men and 58.4% 2017-2018 (+2.7%).

    The RAW social media statistics reveal the males most reached through posts are 25-34 years’ old however the most engaged are those 54-64 years’ old which is the strongest engaged through the RAW face-to-face services at 19%.

    Over the last three years, RAW has worked with 31 rural Tasmanian communities through the Healthy and Resilient Communities program to support the understanding and effort of local people and communities to reduce the incidence of rural suicide.
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    Q: What makes this a male-friendly service?
    A: RAW is a very unique grassroots concept through the programs are delivered, which contributes to its ongoing success. RAW Outreach Workers have high expertise in building rapport and trust with males in the community and understands most males will not go to their doctor for help. RAW team members have built a very strong trust with each person they visit; men talk to outreach workers like they are chatting with a good friend who listens and the team know how to help. RAW uses male-specific language and ideas that men can relate to and use the notion of not seeking ‘help’ but rather building skills, gaining strategies and working out a plan to get back to full strength.
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    Q: What's the issue your project aims to solve?
    A: RAW is a Tasmanian not-for-profit organisation helping to create resilience and capacity of men, their families and the community to react to challenging life experiences with particular emphasis on suicide prevention, mental health and wellbeing. The focus is on providing outreach support across Tasmania as well as working with the communities to undertake wellbeing initiates.

    RAW operates state-wide with 16 staff providing support to all of rural Tasmania including Bruny, King and Flinders Islands through counselling and support, training, capacity building and a 24/7 days a week crisis phone line 1300 HELP MATE.

    RAW offers a selection of training programs for businesses and communities that include Mental Health First Aid, Over 65 Mental Health First Aid and a Rural Minds course for those within the community who live and work on the land. RAW delivers various other capacity building and wellbeing initiatives with the aims of reducing stigma, promoting help-seeking, increasing understanding and motivating individuals to be proactive about their own mental health and to support family, friends and co-workers.

    RAW Outreach Workers are on-ground offering support during events such as bushfires, floods and droughts. Most recently the team assisted in recovery and support for the bushfires in the Derwent Valley and Huon Valley.
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    Q: Your Name?
    A: Sophie Kelly
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    Q: Name of organisation, project or person nominated
    A: Rural Alive and Well (RAW)
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    Q: Why should this nomination win?
    A: The Rite Journey has a huge reach within Australia and now around the world. Around 5000 young men go through a year-long Rite of Passage each year through TRJ, working with a male mentor to be a responsible, resilient young man. TRJ is the most substantial, long term Rite of Passage program working to transform young men in schools in Australia. The creation of the companion Rite Journey Man Made Cards has added to the program and are now available for families too.
    Steve Biddulph says “The Rite Journey is one of the most exciting and well conceived ideas in boys’ education for a very long time.
    It brings together the key concerns of initiating boys into fine young men, with its focus on the pressing concerns of safety, dealing with emotions, values, responsibility, and self awareness. It is dense in content and interaction, and uses powerful but simple ritual stages that will be long remembered and treasured.
    It builds community among fathers, mothers, and teachers which would otherwise have been absent, and from this strength offers boys a real chance to become parts of something larger and long term.
    Real manhood is about connectedness, not individualism, about giving, not self-centredness. There are lots of good programs about, but nothing I have seen that is so comprehensive, sustained over time, and potentially so life changing for the boys involved. That it is accessible for all boys, regardless of income or family circumstance, at what is traditionally a rather uninspiring phase of their schooling is wonderful news.
    It has potential for wide dissemination, turning a problematic time of life into a force for good.”
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    Q: Your Name?
    A: Tony Dehn
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    Q: Name of organisation, project or person nominated
    A: Ross Davis.
    Prostate Awareness Tweed
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    Q: Why should this nomination win?
    A: We believe Mens Health Downunder epitomises what Pharmacists and allied health can do for mens urological health; no issue is too big or small and all issues are of significance. When so many Doctors and Urologists are time poor the services we deliver saves everyone time, and lets be honest, for many GPs managing these issues can be embarrassing, tedious, uncomfortable, ‘less important/not front of mind’ and time consuming. It goes without saying now that our Pharmacists are setting the trends for management of so many of these urological issues at the coal face.
    In summary, we believe we would be missed if we vanished tomorrow and this we believe is a yard stick to an organisations value in their community.
    We would be honored to receive an award not only to recognise our service but perhaps more importantly to provide recognition to the need that exists for men post prostatectomy but for all urological health issues as the gap that exists needs more worker bees to see that all men have access to specialised services :)
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    Q: What's the evidence you are successful?
    A: Since 2013 our pharmacists have been delivering mens health services; initially it was just Brad, pharmacist and founder, and over time it has grown to be 3 fulltime specialised pharmacists. We have also had over 1000 men through the service now which we are extremely proud of as it demonstrates our passion for what we do but also innovation (as the medicine and treatment options are forever evolving), strong internal processes and training and finally strong relationships with a wide range of Urologists, GPs, sexual health clinics, physiotherapists, prostate nurses, psychologists and sex therapists.
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    Q: What makes this a male-friendly service?
    A: At Mens Health Downunder we have 3 fulltime Mens Health specialised pharmacists – this allows us to have a specialised mens health pharmacist on duty and available at all times for consults, be they booked in or ad-hoc, Monday to Sunday 362 days a year (closed Christmas Day, New Years day and Good Friday only) – additionally we are available 70.5 hours a week, trading until 7pm each night during the week. The ability for a male (with or without their partner) to present to the pharmacy ad hoc and be seen by the MHDU pharmacist at any time of the day, any day of the week, is ever so convenient and we all know men need a convenient service. Beyond this our initial consult with the pharmacist is approximately 1 hour which allows plenty of time to get the information across and it gives adequate time for questions to be asked and answered. We also offer and deliver our clinic services to men outside of Canberra (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and regional NSW) via teleconference primarily and a few basically trained pharmacists in other pharmacies (Wagga, Forbes and Bathurst) again giving men another option to access our services and beyond this we have our website www.menshealthdownunder.com.au which also has a shop allow men or their partners to purchase all the mens health related products including prescriptions and coumpounded items.
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    Q: What's the issue your project aims to solve?
    A: At Mens Healthdown Under our specialised mens health pharmacists tend to a wide range of Mens Urological health issues including erection dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, incontinence, post circumcision management and so on but our primary focus is penile rehabilitation post prostatectomy; this is our primary focus as beyond Australia’s 40 odd PCFA Prostate Nurses (primarily metro based) there is little to no support for the 17000 odd men diagnosed with prostate cancer annually which is a huge issue with respect to incontinence, erection dysfunction, penis shortening but perhaps most frighteningly mental health off the back of there being so many changes to their general health, erectile health, urological health and relationship changes. Having seen over 1000 patients now post prostate cancer intervention (surgery mainly) these are the issues we aim to support and find individualised solutions for with their Urologist or GPs support
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    Q: Your Name?
    A: Warwick Marx
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    Q: Name of organisation, project or person nominated
    A: Mens Health Downunder
    answered 2019-05-17 14:43:49 +1000
    Q: Why should this nomination win?
    A: This project is funded but the producers and has not received any financial support since its inception. This means there are not the funds to advertise or hire people to promote the web site. Winning this award would help to lift the profile of the web site so more men know about it and have access to it.