Tim Stewart

Tim Stewart is one of the hard working, knowledgeable and extremely dedicated Mens Health Pharmacists at Mens Health Downunder in the ACT. As a community pharmacist (first and foremost) Tim has a specific skills set which which he has been able to tailor and refine for his Mens Health patients to optimise health outcomes, ensure medication safety, demystify areas of post prostatectomy rehabilitation and refer them as needed to allied health both within and outside the local ACT region; all the time developing a close relationship with men and their respective partners and most importantly delivering patient outcomes in the fields of erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer (post prostatectomy and for men undergoing radiation/ADT), incontinence, penis shortening, Peyronie's disease, premature ejaculation and so on. The community pharmacist is the most accessible health practitioner in our community. Quite remarkably the average Australian visits a pharmacy 14 times a year equating to about 350 million individual patient visits to pharmacies annually - this gives the pharmacist a unique opportunity to engage patients on their health and certainly Tim is a marvellous example of what can be achieved when conversations are initiated and relationships built; both with patients and other experts in the Mens Health sphere (from Urologists to physiotherapists to nurses (incontinence and prostate) to psychologists and sexologists). It is also worth mentioning that Tim proudly takes his craft beyond the 4 walls of Cooleman Court Pharmacy, presenting as a keynote speaker recently at the Mens Health Downunder inaugural conference here in Canberra and through working with the Prostate Support Group here in Canberra. Initiatives that sees education not only of patients and partners but also of other allied health who are interested in working in this space to help address the massive gap in services. As a health practitioner, community member and friend/support to many Men within the ACT community and beyond Tim is an amazing role model and exemplifies what can be achieved with a little persistence and a lot of hard work

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    As a regular at the Coolo pharmacy, I can vouch that Tim is so caring and kind.
    Goes that extra bit to make customers feel welcome and valid.
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