Mens Health Downunder (MHDU) ACT

Mens Health Downunder (MHDU) is a Canberra based education, support, medication and device supply program run by community pharmacists Brad Butt and Tim Stewart that offers services to all men with urological issues ranging from prostate cancer to erectile issues, incontinence, reproductive health questions, peyronie's disease and a range of other less common urological complaints. As the 2019 winners of the AMHF ACT health initiative they have been spurred on to expand services and since the 2019 win they have opened a clinic outside the pharmacy (but affiliated with the Cooleman Court Pharmacy) in the ACT medical precinct of Deakin where the patient (and their loved one) can access the full range of their services in a highly professional, private and specialised space. They have also engaged with a number of pharmaceutical companies to both lobby support for these men but also to seek financial assistance for men that would otherwise struggle to pay privately for the devices or service that they need. Their online presence has also expanded and MDHU now sees patients from all states and territories of Australia with their telehealth service and network of allied health and urological referral pathways.

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