Chris Lytas

Chris lost his corporate position with Qantas during COVID 19....since being stood down he laughed into supporting men struggling with Mental Health. He always had a passion for his cause, having suffered through mental Health issues himself, drawn on by a close friend taking his own life. Chris is a beacon of support. A trustworthy confidant, and all round good bloke.

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    commented on Chris Lytas 2020-05-24 14:23:03 +1000
    I second David’s nomination of Chris Lytas and back up his words. Chris Lytas and Luke Outerbridge started ‘The Man Walk’ in Geelong. I interviewed him because of this he joined the Humans in Geelong team. Through his work with ‘The Man Walk’ he’s helped many men in our region and encouraged and inspired others to start Walks in our region. When Covid-19 struck, he took The Man Walk Geelong online, offering Zoom sessions.
    He spoke openly and thought-provokingly at our Humans in Geelong Expo 2019 which was the official opening of Mental Health Month for the region. He’s spoken at local Secondary Schools. ‘Right Mate’ is another of his initiatives, a one-stop shop of resources for Men’s Mental Health in our region, this very very much needed in the current climate. Chris is an inspiration.
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