Chris Lytas

Founder of The Man Walk Geelong and Right Mate, making various inclusive group sessions/presentation at schools, forums, Humans in Geelong Chris enthuses positivity even through adversity. He inspires through his words and his actions. His holistic approach to Men's Health is amazing and his energy to keep pushing his message of 'being comfortable about speaking about the uncomfortable" is unmatched. I have personally been helped and touch by Chris' message to help me realise it really is ok to talk and break down the old myths around men. I am seriously proud to call him my friend.

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    commented on Chris Lytas 2020-05-25 09:02:35 +1000
    Thanks Jacqueline, just to clarify I’m not the Luke that started The Man Walk Geelong with Chris although I do think it’s an awesome initiative.
    commented on Chris Lytas 2020-05-24 14:05:12 +1000
    I second Luke’s nomination and informative words. Chris Lytas and Luke started ‘The Man Walk’ in Geelong. I interviewed him because of this he joined the Humans in Geelong team. Through his work with ‘The Man Walk’ he’s helped many men in our region and encouraged and inspired others to start Walks in our region. He spoke openly and thought-provokingly at our Humans in Geelong Expo 2019 which was the official opening of Mental Health Month for the region. He’s spoken at local Secondary Schools. ‘Right Mate’ is another of his initiatives, a one-stop shop of resources for Men’s Mental Health in our region. Chris is an inspiration.
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