Top Blokes Foundation - Power of Females

Top Blokes Foundation believes in the power of females in the Young Men's Health Space after all, they are a Foundation founded by a female and managed by a female executive team. In particular, the female mentors in this organisation deserve recognition for the grassroots work they do with our young males. One of the many aspects they bring to the programs is a diverse perspective. By virtue of living a different experience, our female mentors bring a level of credibility to the conversations around how a young man’s health can impact those around him. The safety and openness of the Top Blokes space allows young men to be curious and ask questions they oftentimes are afraid to ask, but our female mentors aren’t afraid to answer. “It’s mostly boys with a male mentor, but having that one female in the room to talk to about what my girlfriend might be thinking and feeling has really helped me and my relationship, especially our communication. I hadn’t considered some things before we talked [in the program] about healthy relationships, but now I think that step further when it comes to my girlfriend.” – Top Blokes program participant.

Pictured from top left clockwise: Bianca Elmir, Amanda Barnes, Lana Hilton, Grace Jennings.

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