The Man That Can Project

Lachlan Stuart and the man that can project are facilitating lasting changes. Lachie makes himself very available to both paying and non paying people. He also provides a lot of free content.

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    commented on The Man That Can Project 2020-05-25 20:33:35 +1000
    The man that can project gives men the space to show up without fear of judgement or not being accepted. A space where men regardless of status can truly open up. Great work Lachlan.
    commented on The Man That Can Project 2020-05-25 15:05:10 +1000
    Love this group, and its founder Lachie Stuart. Lachlan has shown his true passion as a life and health coach, he consistently shows up with a open heart and mind to helping any man who asks for help. Through the value he brings to all he talks to, Lachie is fast creating a following of men (and woman) who want to break the old and untrue ways of how a man must be in society, by walking his talk.
    When you meet Lachie you soon relise he is everything you expect from a leader and founder of the Man that can Project, I have been so impressed with his growth and how he brings so much value to men and their mental health, I am honored to call him a friend.
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