Tom Hughson

Tom uses his own lived experience with Mental Illness to encourage others to be the best YOU possible. Tom’s biggest passion is “Hitting into the Light” which highlights the power Golf and the role it had in saving his life. Tom utilises Hitting into the Light to share his real life stories, experiences and adventures throughout his personal battle with Mental Illness to encourage others to take that step and #changeyourtracks and forms the basis for Tom’s public speaking role with Beyond Blue. Tom has also recently created the platform #howyagoing Sharing Stories with Tom to create genuine conversations and encourage people to be proud of who they are, where they have come from and what it means to be authentically them. To say Tom is an advocate for Mental Wellness is an understatement. He is constantly going above and beyond to breakdown the stigma associated with Mental Illness and deserves to be recognised for the inspiring and incredible work he is doing every day!

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