Aaron Schultz Qld

Aaron Schultz in Agnes Water, Queensland, has been dedicated this year to his project The Outback Mind Podcast to offer men real life and relevant stories of resilience and overcoming adversity and get conversation going around men’s mental health.

After losing mates to suicide and experiencing his own life traumas he recognises that particularly men in rural areas can be isolated and vulnerable, so he started The Outback Mind Podcast this year and interviews 3 or 4 men a week on their life struggles and what helps them get through.

These include famous musicians and sportspeople to all sorts of businessmen, to your everyday bloke next door, all talking candidly and encouraging men to get help.

Content includes work stress, relationship breakdown, trauma, alcoholism, addiction and other topics common to blokes on the brink. Content is prolific, illustrating his passion, purpose and presence for making a difference in the world, while he also works as a men’s mental health coach in Gladstone area, yoga teacher (incl online) and volunteers running regular men’s circles.  Aaron has also published his personal story as a book ‘A Wink From A Guru’.

He draws together all echelons of the community and connects men with other individuals, organisations and supports that may help them, while utilising his networks to find new interesting candidates to interview.  Jimmy Barnes is one such podcast interviewee coming up!  I believe his podcast has around 10,000 subscribers in this short time since its inception this year.


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