Our Team

AMHF Staff

CEO: Glen Poole is responsible for AMHF's work to increase awareness, knowledge and understanding of men's health issues among the health sector, policy makers, the media and the general public. Glen has been the CEO of AMHF since 2018. Glen sits on the Men's Health Promotion, Best Practice and Governance sub-committees. 

Content Manager: Kim Trengove. Kim has over 40 years experience in journalism and a special interest in boys' and men's health. If you have an idea for an article or would like to make a contribution to this website and our newsletter, please contact her at [email protected] Kim joined AMHF in 2019 and also sits on the Best Practice and Men's Health Promotion sub committees. 

Admin Officer: Sharon Philp has provided administrative and secretariat support in the NFP sector for the past 24 years. Sharon supports the CEO and AMHF Board in her administrative role. Sharon joined AMHF in 2018. 

AMHF Board Members

AMHF has six elected and up to three appointed board members.  At each AGM, two board members are elected for a three-year term.  The Board elects the office bearers, the current holders are listed below.  


President: Greg Millan, Director, Men’s Health Services, NSW, Member, International Society for Men’s Health, Member, Board of Advisors, Men’s Health Network USA, Member, Board of Advisors, Toronto Men's Health Network, Canada. Greg is one of Australia’s leading experts on men’s health and wellbeing with over 35 years experience in the men’s health promotion area developing, implementing and evaluating many health and wellbeing programs, male health promotion training sessions, community events and male health and wellbeing resources. He is a social work-trained health educator who has worked for over 38 years in Government, non-government organisations and the private sector. He is a leading men's health and wellbeing writer for various publications, and is the author of “Men’s health & wellbeing: an a – z guide”. He is a founding member of the AMHF Board having served on the Board for 18 years, nine of those as Vice President.

Greg has served several terms and is AMHF's longest-serving member. His current term is (2018-2021). He was elected President in 2019. Greg sits on the Best Practice, Men's Health Promotion and Governance sub-committees. 

Vice President: Rae Bonney is an Integrated Well being Specialist, helping organisations develop best practice around mental health in their workplace. She combines a formal counselling qualification (La Trobe University) with more than 30 years in the corporate sector to design interventions that help create environments that support mental health, particularly around men’s and boys' issues.  Advocating and working in this space has provided many of the most humbling, meaningful and proud moments of her life - ignited by the devastating fact that every minute of every day, another man in the world dies from suicide.  As well as working with the AMHF, Rae dedicates her spare time to White Owl for Men’s Health, a charity who partners with the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre, not to mention hanging out with the guys at her local Monash Men’s Shed. Community is important to Rae and she presents a monthly radio program at 94.1FM 3WBC where she interviews people from all over the world, with a focus on men’s issues, asking the question “What does it feel like, being you today?"  Her approach is egalitarian, recognising opportunities for better support, understanding and positive change that affects everyone.

Rae previously held a one-year elected position on the Board (2018-2019). Her current term is for 2019-2022. Rae sits on the AMHF Policy sub-committee and Best Practice sub-committee. She was elected Vice President in 2019. 

Treasurer: Guy Brandon is a partner at HLB Mann Judd (WA) and leads its Tax Consulting Division. He has over 25 years’ commercial experience, with the last 20 years consulting in complex federal and state taxation matters. Prior to entering into public practice, he worked as a financial controller for various enterprises. Guy has a Masters of Taxation from Curtin University and is a Chartered Tax Advisor. He has presented seminars for the Taxation Institute of Australia and was a member of the WA State Education Committee for the Institute. Guy also regularly contributes articles to HLB Mann Judd and industry-wide publications on key taxation issues. As well as his role at HLB Mann Judd (WA), Guy is the Registrar for the Pharmacy Registration Board of Western Australia (since 2017). He is a father to two teenagers and has a recently found passion for cycling.

Guy was appointed to the AMHF Board in 2021.

Public Officer and Secretary: Pete Shmigel is an international consultant on strategy and mental health. He has previously been CEO of Lifeline Australia, the crisis support and suicide prevention service; CEO of industry associations; a senior advisor to Premiers and Ministers, and; a corporate affairs executive. He is a person of lived experience with regard to mental illness and suicidality. He has served on the Board since 2017. He is serving his second term on the Board and sits on the AMHF Policy sub-committee. 


Chris Lytas is the Co-founder and Director of Right Mate, one of AMHF’s member organisations. He has been an active member of the Australian Men’s Health Forum since 2019 and volunteered to help make our Men’s Health Connected online summit happen in June 2020. Right Mate is a community-based mental health initiative, which builds community resilience through workshops that combine lived experience with factual information. Chris also runs the Geelong branch of The Man Walk in regional Victoria.

Based in Geelong, Chris offers key insights into the challenges that living in a regional city presents, particularly in terms of social isolation. Chris is the proud father to his 11-year-old son and has a keen interest in the impact community- based sporting clubs can have on a community by building positive mental health habits from youth through to seniors.

Chris was elected to the AMHF Board in 2020. 

Chris McNamara has been an active member of AMHF since 2016. He worked for many years as a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse and is now Head of Community Services at the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, which is one of AMHF’s member organisations.

With a wide-ranging background in primary healthcare and men’s health promotion, Chris is passionate about connecting rural & remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to men’s health information and access to the services they require.

In his current role, Chris manages virtual peer support programs, online communities, digital and social media engagement, community & corporate health awareness programs and community speakers’ programs.

Chris is the proud father of a three-year-old girl and a one-month old boy and has a strong desire to help new fathers navigate and contribute to
outcome-driven support programs. Chris was elected to the AMHF Board in 2020.


Stuart McMinn is a cultural man from the Dharug and Gubbi Gubbi countries. His cultural knowledge offers a unique lens on how to embed cultural perspectives into professional practice. Stuart is the Practice Specialist, Aboriginal Services in the Research and Innovation team at Interrelate and operates on a state wide level. Stuart has a particular focus on organisational cultural inclusive practice, social and emotional wellbeing for Aboriginal males and research and innovative practices. Stuart runs his own cultural business called Durrungan Cultural Immersions where he immerses people in deep cultural education, facilitates cultural development courses for all levels of staff within organisations. Stuart is a regular presenter at men’s health events, well-known to the AMHF for his exceptional work on the 2015 Gathering. 

Stuart was first appointed to the AMHF Board in 2019. He is serving his first term on the Board (2019-2022).  

Darren Black is the CEO of the OZHELP Foundation – an industry focused Mental Health and Suicide Prevention organisation that focuses its support services on high risk male-dominated industries such as Construction, Mining, Transport and Farming. Darren is passionate about improving mental health and reducing suicide particularly in male-dominated high-stigma work cultures. This interest was founded over 20 years ago in his first profession as an Army Officer and military veteran. Darren looks forward to supporting the objectives of AMHF as a Director with a view to improving the health and wellbeing outcomes of men so they can be better partners, better dads, contributing members of community and live longer happier, healthier lives. Darren is an experienced NFP CEO and has an MBA from Melbourne Business School (2012) and is a Graduate of the AICD (2020).

He was appointed to the AMHF Board in March 2021 and is serving his first term.