The Rite Journey

The Rite Journey is a year-long Rite of Passage school program that Andrew started at Cornerstone College, Mount Barker, SA in 1997 after he saw the need for male teachers to mentor their students, build emotional intelligence and literacy in the boys and to offer a transition/initiation into a respectful, responsible, resilient and resourceful manhood. Over the past 20 or so years The Rite Journey has spread into each state in the country and has also spread to NZ, South Korea, Belgium, Mauritius, Curacao and Singapore. More than 60,000 students have been through a year-long Rite of Passage in the last 20 years through TRJ. Andrew has also created a number of tools to help men and young men build their emotional literacy and connect with each other. Andrew's Rite Journey Feeling Cards and his Man Made Conversation Cards are in their 3rd printing and are being translated into a number of different languages for distribution in other countries. They can be seen here:

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