Young Blood Men's Health Matters' - Callum MacPherson

The process of opening up is made easier when you don't feel alone in your problems. This is the premise of Young Blood, a podcast and video show that sees insightful, raw and honest one on one interviews between journalist Callum MacPherson and men, just guys, who have been through, are going through, or know what it is like to experience something. These conversations progress naturally, and as the bond between Host and Presenter builds - these individuals want to share more. As a listener, it is deeply humbling and equally impactful to hear about something either you, yourself can relate to - or if its something you cannot - just how lucky you are. Young Blood facilitates conversations on issues that can be, albeit mistakenly, taboo between men. It does so in a supportive, powerful and open manner. It is clear Callum's ambitions for Young Blood and its message about being able to speak freely about these issues - go beyond conversations but into mentoring and workshops. His passion and intensive approach to life will see this impact men, both young and old, positively for years to come. Young Blood is a platform for positive change among Australia's men. Let's see that it does just that.

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