Awakening the Warrior Within

Awakening The Warrior Within is one of the most powerful personal leadership programs you’ll find. It calls you to own your shit, identify and release that which is no longer serving you, understand and embrace your emotional side to walk through a gateway into a spiritual realm of your own making.

No one experience is the same, and yours will be unique.

Men of all walks of life have been transformed by this campfire. Veterans to electricians, AFL stars to actors, policemen to ex-drug addicts, men who were lost to men who simply wanted to take themselves to the next level in life. This campfire has demonstrated we are all just men with a desire to better ourselves and that is exactly what Awakening The Warrior Within assist you to do.

We are all Veterans of something; the question is do you let the past define you or launch you forward?

Your inner journey will be aided by knowledge from very diverse disciplines such as archetypal psychology, emotional literacy, spiritual and ancient traditions, but most importantly, the bush.

Day One teaches you about yourself, why you’ve been doing the things you do and how you’ve been limiting yourself.

Day Two we explore your definition of BEing a man, understanding and owning the great honour and power that comes with that whilst if you’re ready, opening up to different elements of yourself you may never have known existed.

Day Three is unique. This is a day of massive ownership and liberation when we go head to head with your inner most demons. We show you how to do battle and transcend the fight whilst you develop a decision making matrix to enable you to remain aligned as a person when living your life.

Day Four is all about setting up the structures to give you clarity on what next and what you want to do from here.

For us to give you any more would not be correct due to every program running slightly differently because of a different bunch of men. If you commit to this, you can be assured to have the support to go as deep and fast/slow as you need.

Awakening The Warrior Within assists you become a Balanced WARRIOR who:

- sees passionate flames in their partners eyes
- feels a strength of conviction beyond words
- acts decisively
- communicates clearly
- is deeply connected
- owns his life
- asserts his fatherhood with confidence, and fathers strong children
- makes dents in the universe

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January 29, 2020 at 9:00am - February 01, 2020


Mullumbimby , NSW 2482
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James Greenshields ·

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