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Richard Maloney, and the Blokes United co-founders, Barry Hall & Shaun Higgins (both AFL greats). They were all passionate about men's mental health, and in an effort  to stop / slow men's suicide numbers and provide a safe and suppportive space for men to openly communicate about their challenges and feelings, they formed 'Blokes United' - which is a 24,000 strong mens only Facebook forum. Created during the second Melbourne 4 month long lockdown in order to assist men in tough times, the group has had huge media support featuring on Channel 7 & Network 9, and in multiple newspapers and online forums.  
They now have members across 70 countries, and during the peak of the lockdown these three men all donated a significant amount of time filtering the forum  and running  weekly live zoom shows to keep men busy which included guests such as Eddie McGuire, Billy Brownless, Danny Green, the Moloney Twins, and Damien Oliver, to name just a few. They also had industry experts featuring, including your own CEO, Glen Poole and Colin Seery, CEO of Lifeline.
They also set up free online daily and weekly wellness classes, including meditation, personal training, yoga, fishing classes, cooking and mental health classes, all for free. 
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  • Blokes United is the brainchild of Richard Maloney, Founder of Quality Mind Global and Mind Mentor. Shaun Higgins, AFL All Australian, and Barry Hall, AFL Hall of Fame. All three are co-founders and met through Richard's mentoring.
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Blokes United is almost 12 months old, and Richard, Barry & Shaun continue to donate their time free of charge. There have been many men comment that the support from Blokes United has brought them back from the brink of suicide and despair. My husband has shared so many moving stories with me about how so many of these men rely on Blokes to keep them connected, and would otherwise have no outlet or support. These men all rally behind each other and I know that for many, it has been life changing. I had no idea how many men feel alone or isolated, and in Blokes United they now have a like minded community of guys to talk to and open up to. It's a safe space to be vulnerable and honest, and I truly believe that Richard, Barry & Shaun deserve to be recognised for all that they've done and continue to do without expecting anything in return.
Nominated by Kristen Maloney
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