Callum MacPherson

Callum is a professional journalist and creator and host of Young Blood - Men's Health Matters, a platform for young men to share their incredible stories, gain valuable insight about mental health and inspire each other. Young Blood produces professional quality audio and video conversations targeting men aged under 35, as a preventative health strategy aimed at addressing the silent crisis that is the high prevalence of poor mental health and alarmingly high rates of suicide among young men in Australia and around the world. The podcast allows men to better understand and express themselves by learning from the experiences of others and encourages them to share their own journeys and contribute to breaking the stigma that men don't talk about their feelings. It also provides the women in their lives with valuable insight to help them better know the men they love. Listeners benefit from a range of high profile guests in the mental health space (such as Dr Tim Sharp and Tom Cronin) but the majority of content is drawn from telling the incredible, inspiring stories of people in the local community. In the show, Callum sits down with guests in Adelaide's Podbooth studio for a raw, honest chat about what they've been through and how they've overcome adversity relating to a particular difficulty in life. Episodes are largely centred around mental illness and social issues with a consistent theme focused on becoming better, braver, more open men. Topics consistently include, living with a disability, living with physical and mental illness and surviving hardship. The podcast shows men that no matter what they are facing, they are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Ultimately this initiative has the power to save mens' lives directly or to help them save the life of a mate or family member. This is achieved through increasing awareness, changing attitudes and reducing isolation. The podcast has peaked in the Top 30 Mental Health podcasts in Australia and is consistently ranked in the Top 100. The vodcast (video version) has received more then 250,000 views on Facebook, with episodes averaging 20,000 views in 2020. Young Blood is contributing to shaping the conversation around young men's health and empowering men to speak up, seek help, look after themselves and look after their mates.

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