Aaron Schultz

Well it is hard to work out where to start but Aaron has walked the walk so now that he is talking the talk he comes from a position of hard won experience to be able to contribute to the knowledge toward improving the physical and mental lives of many men. He was quick to acknowledge the unhealthy state many men had got to through too much alcohol and wrong food and/or too much food. His book "A Wink From A Guru, How I overcame Anxiety and Reclaimed My life" published in 2019 in a great account of his own troubles and false belief that he was coping through alcohol, fast food and fast life. He found a way to improve firstly through physical improvement then later through mental improvement through Yoga. He willingly shared his knowledge with me in my issues to try to reduce the fat I carried on my belly, now I was at that time very fit and could not shift the hard pad of abdominal fat so on discussion with Aaron he suggested the use of fasting to help and also to prepare my mind to be without food for a period of time where I usually would eat. This helped me shed that troublesome belly which I considered important with my journey into older age. He certainly has moved to great levels since that time about 6 to 7 years ago, with greater levels of control both physically and mentally. But the important thing is that Aaron has used Facebook - "elevatemen", Instagram and YouTube to get his message out to the male public. Always promoting good health!! His latest Blogs have been very good and he has interviewed many ordinary and high-profile men to share their experiences and in listening to them I have been impressed with Aaron’s ability to elicit stories within many individuals of their own adversity which was not obvious from their public persona! It is somewhat eye-opening to hear other discuss their troubles and how they overcame them. Aaron offers ways to do this and he also offers a belief in men that engender self-confidence to succeed. Reading Aaron’s book is a great start and a great learning experience. I commend Aaron as a great candidate for this award

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    Through hard work, diversity and a hell of a lot of passion and commitment to one’s self Aaron become a genuine superstar in this area. With Aaron’s help 5 or 6 years ago I was able to cover my emotions and issues. Without Aaron’s help I have no doubtfully become a better person and leader of my community. Aaron has also helped out other family members with different problems and has made them better people. Through reading his book and implementing some of the meditating exercises that Aaron has provide it gives me a clearer outlook on life and a better understanding of my body and mind. The outback mind is another great way Aaron has produced in getting in touch with men and start men thinking about their mental health. With the variety of guests Aaron has made sure that everyone will find someone they can relate to and listen to their story. Aaron would be the perfect recipient for this award and truly deserved.
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    Aaron is a great motivator and provider of men’s health services
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