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Donate now to men's health: let's create a healthier future for men and boys

If you want to show your support for our work to improve the lives and health of men and boys in Australia, why not consider making a tax deductible donation of $2 or more today? Every dollar will help us continue our important to work to tackle the male health crisis in Australia and create a healthier future for men and boys. 

You can make a donation now by using one of our online donation tools here:

We're the only organisation in Australia that's working to put a wide range of men's health and social issues on the agenda, including the fact that: 

  • 3 in 4 suicides are male
  • Men die 6 years younger than women on average
  • 4 in 5 heart disease deaths under 65 are men
  • 93% of workplace deaths are male
  • Boys are 50% more likely to drop out before year 12 

With your support we can continue our important work to:

  • Raise awareness of the problems impacting men and boys 
  • Build knowledge of the solutions to these problems
  • Connect people working to improve the lives and health of men and boys
  • Persuade decision-makers to put more time, money and resources into men and boys' health. 

Help us to keep taking action to improve the lives and health of men and boys in Australia in 2020/2021 by making a donation today using one of these links: 


Is the gender gap in long hours damaging men's health?
Millions of Australians are spending long hours at work and it could be having a negative impact on their health. Men in particular are up to three times more likely than women to work long hours in paid work and yet the Federal Government...
24 May 2023

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