Free workshops announced at Men's Health Connected 2022

This year’s Men’s Health Connected online summit rounds off with a day dedicated to workshops for people working and volunteering with men and boys.

Taking place on Friday 20 May, there are two free workshops available to people with an interest in men's health.

Workshop 1, Suicide Safety Planning With Men, is designed to support work to prevent male suicide and kicks off at 9.30am.

Glen Wallwork of Marcus Mission offers this introduction to Suicide Safety Planning for people working with men who may be at risk of suicide. This workshop is suitable for any worker or volunteer who is in contact with men in work or community settings.

Workshop 2 run from 11am to 12.15pm and will give attendees the skills and resources they need to deliver a Know Your Man Facts men's health talk.

The Australian Men's Health Forum team will give you everything you need to know to deliver a Know Your Man Facts men's health talk to men in your community. While Know Your Man Facts talks cover a range of topics and follow a common format, this workshop focuses on using our Know Your Man Facts toolkit launched in 2021.
To join us for Day 5 of Men’s Health Connected on Friday 20th May, make sure you register online at the Men’s Health Connected website.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.