Dr Rebecca McGowan, GP

Dr Bec has developed a men's health program, Prick + Pint which allows men to apply knowledge and take preventative health actions to reduce disease and death. The program is highly structured however the forum is informal, informative and actionable and is held in pubs and board rooms for groups of 15-20 men over a period of months. Dr Bec has volunteered her time and her expertise and experience to developing P+P with absolute commitment to improving health outcomes for men. Bec believes the program will also help develop GP service provision, improve GP relationships and increase the quality and quantity of visitation. The program has a unique capacity to impact men and has run in regional and metro markets. A Melbourne University Ethics Committee reported that "something kind of magical" occurs at P+P where knowledge is shared, trust is gained and action is undertaken. Dr Bec is a rare leader of exceptional technical and ethical capacity, guided solely by improving the lives of others.

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    commented on Dr Rebecca McGowan, GP 2020-05-28 17:57:14 +1000
    I participated in this program mid way through 2019. I considered myself ‘health aware’, but I quickly learned that knowing what is healthy is different to knowing your health status. The single biggest thing, that no doubt will prolong my life, is now I have a GP (and not just any GP, I would think the best GP in Australia). My GP treats me like a person, not a result. She takes the time to understand my life style, my results, my ‘weakness’ (and thus opportunity) and also my family history so I know what I should be on the watch out for. Dr Bec in the PNP course explained to me that going to see multiple doctors when you ill are just going to treat disease. That is fundamentally floored, you want a GP to partner you in your health.

    The content through the weeks was fabulously presented, no bullsh#t & very engaging. I have since sat through the content a second time and I want to do it a third time. The content is just that rich and rewarding. There isn’t anything more important than our health

    One of the best learning events I have attended in my life. Hands down! Do yourself a favor and join in
    commented on Dr Rebecca McGowan, GP 2020-05-25 08:35:52 +1000
    Bec is a confident, often quirky and inspiring individual who possesses the ability to quickly relate to anyone she engages with. From all my dealings with Bec, it is clear that she operates with the one clear directive of improving human health. With a no bullshit approach in her delivery of information, I have always found myself leaving her presence encouraged, motivated and clear in my own directives for improvement. I’m very fortunate to have crossed paths with Bec and very much want to thank and encourage her in continuing to deliver the ‘Prick and a Pint’ initiative.
    commented on Dr Rebecca McGowan, GP 2020-05-21 20:41:23 +1000
    Bec McGowan is one of those rare but wonderful role models who can drive an amazing idea with such enthusiasm and passion that one feels it is a privilege to be along for the ride, never a chore! I had the opportunity as a general practitioner to take one of the earliest Prick and Pint groups in rural north east Victoria over two years under Bec’s leadership and it was an amazing project to be involved with. Bec and her team’s vision to arm men with a degree of knowledge that they feel confident and empowered enough to take control of their own health is commendable; the unique way in which they engage men through this program is truly innovative.
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