Prick + Pint

Prick + Pint is a men's health program that provides men with the knowledge and motivation to take preventative health actions to improve their health and happiness.

The program is delivered over ten months, by GPs, in pubs to teams of approximately twenty men aged 30+. Blood tests (The Prick) form the benchmark point of relativity for each man to understand and learn how to take individual action to prevent premature death and disease from the 'killers' such as cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, kidney and liver function and diabetes. The content is delivered by trusted experts, GPs, aligned to the RACGP red book and the reward (P+P shout The Pint - be it beer or soft) is a way to socialise and normalise health conversations. In an ethics committee review, Melbourne University identified a unique combination of elements that Prick + Pint delivers that build a level of trust which in turn leads to group and individual action, something the report refers to as, "...something kind of magical". The program has launched nationally in regional and metropolitan markets. The uptake and impact has been profound with 100% of surveyed participants taking at least one significant preventative health action as a result of their learning. In a number of cases, the knowledge has been life saving. By improving the medical literacy of men, Prick + Pint has demonstrated that men can and will have better attitudes and behaviours towards their health and that men are craving for a forum to learn to have healthier and more informed conversations with their mates, their partner and importantly with their health providers. Prick + Pint allows men to take control of their health and is creating a generational shift in how men engage with the health system.

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    commented on Prick + Pint 2020-05-28 18:05:37 +1000
    I participated in this program mid way through 2019. I considered myself ‘health aware’, but I quickly learned that knowing what is healthy is different to knowing your health status. The single biggest thing, that no doubt will prolong my life, is now I have a GP (and not just any GP, I would think the best GP in Australia). My GP treats me like a person, not a result. She takes the time to understand my life style, my results, my ‘weakness’ (and thus opportunity) and also my family history so I know what I should be on the watch out for. Dr Bec in the PNP course explained to me that going to see multiple doctors when you ill are just going to treat disease. That is fundamentally floored, you want a GP to partner you in your health.

    The content through the weeks was fabulously presented, no bullsh#t & very engaging. I have since sat through the content a second time and I want to do it a third time. The content is just that rich and rewarding. There isn’t anything more important than our health

    One of the best learning events I have attended in my life. Hands down! Do yourself a favor and join in
    commented on Prick + Pint 2020-05-27 11:32:20 +1000
    I found the Prick + Pint program excellent. I began somewhat apprehensive thinking that I didn’t need someone telling me to eat healthier, drink less and exercise more, I already new that. But the program was so much more than that. It was educational and enjoyable. As a result, I am a great deal more informed when it comes to talking to my GP, and feel a lot more in control of my own health.
    commented on Prick + Pint 2020-05-25 09:00:45 +1000
    ‘Prick and a Pint’ is one of those initiatives that you always have time to incorporate into a busy week. What begins as a reasonably good excuse for a midweek catchup with a mate at the pub, quickly segues into an engaging forum around key health factor for men. I never knew a lot of what I learned and what I did know was brought sharply into focus. On reflection, I’ve found the course has cleverly changed my thought process with the introduction of a ‘health filter’ in my daily decisions. I’m now regular with my bloods and have have never been more active in casual sports with mates. Cracking initiative lads!
    commented on Prick + Pint 2020-05-21 15:19:39 +1000
    A rural GP, I had the privilege of taking one of the very first Prick and a Pint groups in our small town in north east Victoria – what a sensational experience! Over two years I watched a wonderful bunch of men forge quite different connections with each other whilst developing an understanding of their own health and the health system. As a doctor, it was amazing to be in a position to help satisfy the guys’ thirst for knowledge in such a relaxed and open, yet ‘safe’ environment. Their enthusiasm, growing confidence and increased health literacy was invigorating and topped off by seeing them make significant lifestyle changes. Such a fantastic program to be a part of and hopefully one that continues to grow so that more men can take part in future.
    commented on Prick + Pint 2020-05-21 12:36:55 +1000
    I was involved in one of the first Prick and a Pint groups that ran in Melbourne, over 2019. The format was fantastic and we were led by a wonderful doctor (Dr Kathryn Theodossiou). The group bonded over the course of the year which made frank conversations about one’s health possible. The format led to a greater willingness to be vulnerable as the men in the group became more comfortable in each others’ company. The content was delivered in a professional way and questions and conversations were encouraged. The whole cohort was highly engaged and glad to have been given the opportunity to explore men’s health issues in such a relaxed and familiar setting.
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