Grant Westthorp

Grant fell into the Communities Service area at the tender age of 53, he came off his mountain bike at high speed onto tarmac; falling spectacularly he spent the next two months on his back. Being idle for the first time and left alone to think about his life and ponder his legacy, he made the profound decision to give back to the community as soon as he was back on his feet. Having his physical capabilities, which were his livelihood as a Golf Professional for over 30 years severely limited at the time, Grant was in a position to empathise with other men whose physical, mental health and well-being had been compromised. Grant made the life altering decision to change occupation and give something back to the greater community. Grant gained the position as administration assistant at the Men’s Resource Centre, Albany, West Australia in July 2008. He authored the first edition of the Men’s Survival Handbook in 2013 and in 2014 Grant designed and delivered the Positive Mentoring Program (PMP) for boys and men who were suffering distress. He developed the free Well Man App in 2018, which provides impromptu, contemporaneous availability to physical, mental and social wellbeing preventative strategies, information, practical tips and skills for men wherever and whenever they want.

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