Humans in Geelong

Humans in Geelong are a team of dedicated volunteers who use the powerful medium of storytelling to create positive social change. Our aim is to inspire, connect and strengthen our community. The inspirational, positive stories are of locals making a difference, one way or another. Since inception four years ago, Humans in Geelong have told over 600 stories over a multi-media platform. The stories showcase health and wellness, cultural diversity, equity, creativity, sustainability and opportunities. A huge part of this storytelling involves the stories of people working in the realm of Men's Mental Health. 16 year old Kyle Jdali's story of his mental health struggles reached over 26,000 and people in 43 countries. There have been many ongoing stories on Support After Suicide, SPAN - a walk against suicide, The Man Walk Geelong, Right Mate, RUOK, Rainbow Inc. LGBTQIA+ stories of hope and acceptance. The list is never-ending. We have held three highly successful annual Humans in Geelong Expos. The Expo is attended by thousands. It is a free community event and Barwon Health's launch of Mental Health Month for our region. There are 12 thought-provoking speakers, eg Chris Lytas of The Man Walk Geelong, a Human Library of male refugee youths. There are 55 exhibitors including Rainbow Inc. There are 12 culturally diverse uplifting performances. We successfully nominated young team member Brandon Dellow for a City of Greater Geelong Youth Award 2018 and Barwon Health's Mental Health Award 2018. We offer youths opportunities and empowerment. We attend and raise awareness of events such as Climate Justice, SPAN - suicide awareness walk, Reconciliation in the Park, Geelong's Pride Festival etc. We offer empowerment, connection and empathy to everyone in our region.

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    Humans in Geelong are an inspiring group of people focusing on making a positive impact in our community by sharing inspirational stories and by building a movement of positivity through community engagement
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