Jack Jones: The Banksia Project

I own a long day centre and am heavily involved In using my profits to assist charities .
I met Jack one day when he leaned over to chat with me at a cafe. I was there with my sons therapy dog and was talking to someone about him and why I have the dog. 
Jack and I have now built such a positive connection regarding preventative mental health. 
I own a childcare centre. My business turns 10yrs this year. 
Over my time in education and early childhood I have come to recognise the importance of men’s mental health. I am a single mum of 4 children and my only son has additional needs to which I need to acknowledge. And that this is just a steppimg stone to who he will become. 
Since meeting Jack not Only has he assisted my community in  reassuring parents and families about the importance of mental health but Jack has also checked in on me, each week to ensure that I am OK
Jack is an amazing human being who looks to the heart, soul and essence of everyone he meets. 
That is my nomination. He has saved me. He has saved many men and always is about helping others. 
Jo O'Brien
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