The Banksia Project

The Banksia Project provides amazing programs which educate the community on preventative mental health strategies. Banksia's programs are developed by leading mental health clinicians and other industry experts and implemented to the community, by the community. It's peer-based support groups provide a safe space for men to connect and support one another, while also learning practical skills which will improve mental health and wellbeing (such as effective communication, mental health literacy, mindfulness, sleep hygiene, exercise, meditation, CBT to name a few). The Banksia Project's then ensures that it's peer-support programs implemented by lay people, are supervised by clinical experts. Participants have the ability to phone an on-call Clinical Psychologist at the completion of each program. Facilitators are also required to have a compulsory de-brief phone call with a mental health professional to ensure both Participants and Facilitators are safe and programs are effective.

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