Mark Spinks

Mark is an Aboriginal community leader within the Inner Sydney region, founder of the Babana Aboriginal Men's Group, Cancer survivor and strong advocate of mental health and suicide prevention. Mental Health is a key area of focus for Mark and over the last 17 years it has been a focus of the Babana Aboriginal Men's Group activities and over the last 11 years (due to death by suicide within the organisation) Mark has made it one of the important elements of Babana activities. During the height of the Pandemic last year Mark was diagnoses with Cancer and prior to his operation coordinated a face to face employment event on Cockatoo island and while in hospital undergoing surgery and recovery led the design and planning of the annual Aboriginal Suicide Prevention and Mental Health event where 100 community members attended (Covid-19 cap of 110) In 2021 Mark has continued to not only push the importance of health and wellbeing through two successful events on mental health, but has been actively working with the community on a range of topics including Cancer Awareness, Mental Health Connection services and promotion of the 715 Health checks by members of Babana and their families. Mark is not one to promote himself, but with the feedback from our Aboriginal community and key stakeholders who work with Babana we thought that it was important to nominate him as a Local Health Champion With the commitment of Mark and his passion for making Health (especially mental health) a key agenda for all the work being undertaken by Babana we will hopefully see more of our community better off and the work on Suicide Prevention is highly important due to the high rates within the Aboriginal community and Mark through his activities is working towards informing and raising awareness of this issue.

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    commented on Mark Spinks 2021-05-28 14:52:08 +1000
    I have known Mark a short while, and in the past year of me knowing him it is evident the connections he has in the region and the many roles he plays and how respected he is by many.
    Mark is a great leader and is very committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the communities not just where he works and lives but for all Aboriginal communities and peoples.
    All the while Mark undergoing his own health issues in the past year, he didn’t stop, and was still planning community events in hospital, from his own journey has pushed him even more to advocate and promote mens health on top of his passion for mental health and suicide prevention. Happy to support this nomination.
    tagged Jeremy Heathcote's Mark Spinks with NSW 2021-05-28 14:52:08 +1000
    commented on Mark Spinks 2021-05-21 19:09:41 +1000
    Mark is an absolute champion. Never one to seek acknowledgement for the work he does, Mark is constantly working to improve opportunities and change the direction of people within his local, regional and national community. Mark is humble, smart, direct and fun. He has dedicated his life to helping others and garners huge respect, understanding and action from key people in the community. Mark is a top bloke.
    commented on Mark Spinks 2021-05-21 09:37:41 +1000
    I have known Mark to be a dedicated, passionate, hard working and inspirational individual who I have had the pleasure of working collaboratively with for a number of years now.

    As a non Aboriginal female working in a role which is trying to make a difference to health outcomes and wellbeing in Aboriginal communities, my challenge is particularly hard when it comes to engaging Aboriginal men in activities and health initiatives. Mark’s support and assistance towards this work has been invaluable to myself and the communities he serves.

    Mark’s leadership, selflessness and commitment to create better outcomes for community, combined with his innate ability to network and collaborate extensively with a diversity of services to meet that ambition, makes him a very deserving candidate for a Men’s Health Award.

    When he sets his mind to something he achieves it regardless of any barriers put in his way (and there have been many). It would be remiss of me not to mention his positive actions and efforts towards inclusion and reconciliation.

    As others have mentioned all of this work has continued in the face of his own personal adversities. I have much respect and admiration for Mark and am proud to both know him, work with him and support this nomination. The positive impacts he has already made and will continue to make towards Men’s Health are worthy of recognition.

    Lisa Merrison
    commented on Mark Spinks 2021-05-20 19:51:48 +1000
    Mr Mark Spinks is a trail blazer in all schools of thought. Born to lead and inspire this special MAN is a blessing in our society, This MAN has developed and accomplished the many achievements to LIST. Where do i start.

    The certainly broke the mold when this LEADER and TRAILER BLAZER came into existence. I am PROUD to call this MAN my FRIEND and my ADOPTED Uncle, Mr Mark Spinks you are not just a ROLE model to me but a ROLE model to whom ever meets him.

    Mercedes Sarmini
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    commented on Mark Spinks 2021-05-20 12:39:17 +1000
    Uncle Mark Spinks is an inspirational individual who puts other people before himself.

    He strides to bring the best out of everyone he’s non judgmental and displays empathy and respect and understanding to all cultures
    In recent event he’s endured his own challenges
    Suffering with prostate cancer , during this period he didn’t stop giving back to the community and for this I believe he is a worthy candidate for this award

    Kindest Regards and well wishes

    Patrick Aboud
    published Mark Spinks in Award for Local Men's Health Champion 2021 2021-05-20 10:40:05 +1000