Joanne Lawrence-Bourne

Joanne has combined her career and studies in midwifery and psychology to focus her counselling work on the psychological aspects of reproductive experiences. Her psychology Honours thesis and PhD focused on male childlessness, asking men what it is like not to have children. Her counselling work emphasises the inclusion of men; those who are expecting a baby, those who are struggling the grief of IVF cycles, stillbirths, miscarriages, and those who forgo parenthood to remain in a relationship without children. Joanne has also been inclusive of  same-sex couples and non-binary gender. Joanne's research contributes to the small handful of research that addresses men's reproductive-related mental health, that asks men about their experiences, to hear what men are saying. She has found that within the reproductive sphere, men are often left out and their experiences are not often even considered. When working in her part-time research work Joanne has contributed blogs about how men's reproductive experiences can impact mental health. Joanne lives in rural NSW and understands the added difficulty of accessing men's mental health support in rural areas.


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