Men Wit Heart exhibition - Tasmen

From their website: "A unique “installation” of men telling their stories in person alongside their photographic portraits aims to break the many stereotypes of what it means to be a man today. From being in intense relationships, or dealing with grief or guilt, a divorce, or affirming the joys in their lives, each very personal journey is shared with heartfelt honesty and integrity. The men speak from their heart, hence the name of the event “Men with Heart.” Men and women viewing both images and videos have been visibly touched by the work. Some people have been moved to tears. There are 13 short video interviews by freelance videographer Troy Melville and over 40 men are portrayed in stills by award-winning photographer Paul Hoelen. Paul has committed almost two decades of his life to documenting these men’s journeys at the Tasmanian Men’s Gatherings – an annual event held in a bush camp over the March long weekend. He is one of the men who will be sharing his journey as part of the “installation.” My comment: This exhibition has been the 'coming out' of a grassroots organisation that has seen groups of men meeting, sharing their life experience, supporting each and forming deep connections for over 20 years. Each year wives, partners and kids welcome home their men, warm with the glow of their time away with good mates. That warm glow is now being powerfully shared through this exhibition which is now on show in Launceston, and is likely to travel internationally in the year ahead.

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