Brent Trotter - Black Dog Community

Brent Trotter has been an avid supporter of men's mental health for some time. As a person who has lived through mental illness and substance abuse issues, he now draws on his own experiences to ensure that people are feeling supported in their own lives, and mentored to become better versions of themselves. Brent is raw, honest and totally vulnerable with his story, and works hard, voluntarily, to support his Facebook community of 1500 members to stay positive, and to look after themselves. Find his Facebook group here: He is also an incredible support to my business community of Tradie business owners, and has been a special guest on our podcast - here's his interview with us: This podcast will give you incredible insight into Brent as a person, and showcase his humility, honesty, and overwhelming passion for supporting Men in their mental health journey. I really believe that Brent cares so much about creating content that he would say 'cuts through the crap' and really hits home for men - and creates a safe environment for them to thrive. I'd love to see him be recognised for his efforts - he's an absolute legend. By recognising him for his contributions, I believe it will assist Brent to do more incredible work with men in our community - so - get around him legends. Cheers Kate Muldoon

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