Keeping Men and Boys Safe

Accidents and injuries kill nearly 11,000 people a year in Australia and around nearly two thirds of them are men and boys. By working to do a better job of keeping men and boys safe, we can create a safer society for the benefit of everyone. At present, men and boys account for:

  • 97% military deaths (2007-2017)
  • 92% of workplace deaths
  • 92% of people killed by strangers (and 69% of all homicides)
  • 86% of deaths by drowning in open water
  • 76% of young people dying from accidents and injuries
  • 75% of suicides
  • 74% of road transport deaths
  • 70% of accidental poisoning
  • 69% of deaths by violent assault
  • 63% of all deaths by accident and injury


Accidents and injuries can also have a significant impact on our health. Men and boys experience 72% of the health burden from injuries at a rate that is nearly three times higher than for women and girls. In addition, nearly 10,000 men and boys a week end up in hospital as a result of accidents and injuries.

Alcohol and other drugs increase men’s risk of accident, injury, violence and self-harm. As men are nearly three times more likely than women to drink alcohol at levels that present a lifetime risk to their health, it is essential that our efforts to reduce harmful alcohol consumption target men and boys.

There is also a need to address the gendered nature of violence involving men and boys. Most initiatives that tackle gender and violence focus on men’s violence against women. In addition to this important work, we need to look beyond the narrow stereotypes of violent males and female victims and work to prevent violence against men and boys.

This includes sexual violence, family violence, intimate partner violence, elder abuse, violence in institutional settings and violence by strangers and acquaintances. Men and boys are the main victims of both male violence and female violence. The needs of male victims need to be tackled in parallel to work to end violence against women and girls.


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