This year for Men's Health Week - from 14-20 June, 2021- we are focusing on the number one killer of men in Australia, heart disease.

Here's how you can get involved:

1. Download 1-10 #KYMF graphics and share them on your social media channels. 


DOWNLOAD KYMF #1 PNG                                                   DOWNLOAD KYMF #2 PNG


DOWNLOAD KYMF #3 PNG                                                      DOWNLOAD KYMF #4 PNG


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2. Download the Know Your Man Facts Infographic 

Print it out and put it somewhere prominent in your workplace, community centre - or anywhere people are likely to see it!


3. Give a Know Your Man Facts Presentation!

We've put together a simple-to-follow presentation with speaker notes and an interactive quiz. Please contact [email protected] to register your details and receive the KYMF Presentation Toolkit, with speaker notes and interactive quiz. 



4. Donate to the Push4Men 10-Day Push-Up Challenge

This fundraiser is running from 9-18 June 2021 with the aim of raising awareness about ways to reduce the risk of heart disease. You can participate in the challenge - 40 push ups a day for 10 days - as an individual or join a team. Or, make a donation. Push the button to help: https://www.push4men.com/event/p4m/home


3 out of 4 suicides are men

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Did you know that suicide kills nine people a day in Australia and seven of them are men?


Don’t make smokes your story

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Did you know that around 60% of the disease burden attributed to tobacco is experienced by males according to Australian Burden of Disease Study. You can find out about how to stop smoking at www.quitnow.gov.au.


Long Live You

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Did you know that Australian men are living longer than ever? Whatever you want to do in later life, start thinking about it now with the help of: www.longliveyou.gov.au.


Size Matters

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Did you know that if your waist circumference is 94cm or more you are at increased risk of chronic disease? See the healthy weight guide for more information.


Be A Healthy Role Model

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Did you know that children are more likely to eat fruit and veg when their dads do? The Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health who provided this message recommend this website: www.healthydadsandkids.com


9 out of 10 Young Men Never Smoke

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Did you know that 9 out of 10 young men has never smoked? This message from Men’s Resources Tasmania reminds us that healthy behaviour is often the norm.


1 in 10 Aussie Blokes Provide Care For Family and Friends

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Did you know 1 in 10 Aussie Blokes provide care for a family member or friends with an illness or disability. This message was provided by Greg Smith at Men Care Too: https://www.mencaretoo.org.


Check Your Tackle

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Did you know over 3,500 men will die of prostate cancer in 2018? This message was provided by Wayne Earle at Check Your Tackle: www.checkyourtackle.com.


One in Three

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Did you know that one out three victims of family violence is male? This message from the One in Three Campaign encourages men and boys who are victims of family violence to speak out: www.oneinthree.com.au.


Talk to a Mate!

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The Regional Men’s Health Initiative in Western Australia reminds men to talk to a mate, before it gets too late: www.regionalmenshealth.org.au.


Men Supporting Men

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Men’s Wellbeing Inc says men supporting men means healthy men, families, relationships and communities: http://menswellbeing.org/


Dads Help Dads

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The Australian Fatherhood Research Consortium notes that dads can be a great support for other dads: www.mappresearch.org/fatherhood-consortium.


Men who were sexually abused face barriers

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Many barriers prevent men disclosing they were sexually abused as a child. Are you prepared to listen and help? For more information visit: www.livingwell.org.au.


Men surviving sexual abuse can recover

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Men surviving sexual abuse can recover. Talk to a mate who can relate. Find out more from the Survivors and Mates Support Network: www.samsn.org.au.



You’re responsible for your wellbeing

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You’re responsible for your wellbeing, so seek help early and stay socially connected, says the Men’s Resource Centre in Albany, Western Australia: www.mensresourcecentre.org.au.


1 in 4 male suicides are linked to separation

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1 in 4 males suicides are linked to relationship separation according to the national charity Parents Beyond Breakup, which runs Dads In Distress Support Services: https://parentsbeyondbreakup.com.


The Pros and Cons of Prostate Cancer Screening

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Did you know that “getting the finger” is no longer part or routine screening for prostate cancer. This message from the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health draws on guidelines from the RACGP.


Men die 6 years younger

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Did you know that men in Australia die six years younger than women on average? 



50% of separated dads think about suicide

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50% of separated dads think about suicide says Parents Beyond Breakup, the charity which runs Dads In Distress support services across Australia: https://parentsbeyondbreakup.com.


1.2 million Aussie blokes provide care

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Many Aussie blokes are providing care to friends or family members with a disability or illness, much of it unpaid. Find out more: www.mencaretoo.org.

"Life is hard, if you can help someone in any way, that's cool" - Bill Murray. 


Life expectancy for Indigenous men is 10 years shorter

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Life expectancy for Indigenous men is 10 years shorter than non-indigenous men.


2 out of 3 preventable deaths are men

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2 out of 3 preventable deaths are male says White Owl men's health awareness: www.whiteowl.org.au.


Man time with your mates is good for you

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Time with your mates is good for you. Stay connected by checking in, catching up, and making man time regularly says The Movember Foundation Australia


Check on you mates

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Check on your mates! Men are more likely to talk to friends and family before a health professional. For more information on how a conversation could change a life see: www.ruok.org.au


It's OK to talk

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It's OK to talk. Even small stuff is worth talking about. Don't let it build up! Call: MensLine Australia.


1 in 20 fathers use primary parental leave

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Creating a healthier future for men and boys starts right at the start of life ... Men's Resources Tasmania is a simple and practical website, that provides practical advice for dads, by dads.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.