Professor Philip Morgan – Founder of programs for men and dads to lead healthy lifestyles

As Co-director of the University of Newcastle’s Priority Research Centre in Physical Activity and Nutrition, Professor Philip Morgan is the founder of a suite of innovative and award winning programs where kids and dads work together to make a meaningful dent in adult male obesity and form strong bonds through fun, fitness and frank discussion. Phil and his team are determined to redress the under-representation of men in weight loss research, spurred on by the alarming statistic that 70 percent of Australian males are considered to be overweight or obese. The world-first Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids (HDHK) and Healthy Youngsters, Healthy Dads (HYHD) programs are two of the obesity prevention initiatives Phil has designed that have been proven to help dads manage their weight; engage children to eat more healthily and be more active; and improve the overall quality of families’ lives. Similarly, Dads And Daughters Exercising and Empowered (DADEE) assists fathers to become more active, improve their parenting skills and improve their daughters self-esteem. These programs provide men with proven strategies to manage their weight, while teaching dads about the significant, unique role they hold in the family unit and positive parenting strategies to optimise the physical, cognitive and social-emotional development of their children. The success of these programs and the quality of the supporting research has led to a number of national and international awards including a World Health Organisation award for Excellence in Obesity Prevention in 2014 for HDHK, the ASICS Australian Sports Medicine Australia Conference award for best presentation across the entire conference in 2018 and a national award from the Governor-General for the best initiative nationally impacting on well-being in 2017. International interest has led to adaptations of the HDHK program in England, USA and more recently researchers are working with the University of Glasgow to deliver HDHK within the Scottish prison system. DADEE is currently being delivered in London in conjunction with Women In Sport UK, the Fatherhood Institute-UK and Fulham Football Club; and the NSW Minister for Sport recently announced $2.4 million in funding to rollout the DADEE program across NSW in conjunction with the Office of Sport. In addition to this work, Phil and his team have developed the SHED-IT and Workplace POWER (Preventing Obesity Without Eating like a Rabbit) Men’s weight loss programs which tailor easy to follow weight loss messages and strategies specifically to men. These programs don’t outlaw beer or foods enjoyed by men, instead they arm men with the information and practical know-how to make sustainable lifestyle choices related to nutrition and exercise that have been proven to lead to long term weight loss and health improvements. Workplace POWER has been delivered to hundreds of men at their workplace since 2011 including Queensland Police, Transgrid, Tomago Aluminium and Daracon and was awarded a National Preventive Health Award from the Australian National Preventive Health Agency in 2013. So whether it’s bonding with your kids as you become fit and active together, teaming up with your workmates or carving out your own path to weight loss, all of Phil’s initiatives share a common purpose – to improve men’s health and quality of life along with that of their family. Summary of Achievements Healthy Dads Healthy Kids Awards: • Excellence in Obesity Prevention Award, awarded by the World Health Organisation’s Collaboration on Obesity Prevention (COOPs), 2014. • Business/Higher Education Round Table B-HERT Award - Best Community Engagement (Sponsored by the Australian Government/Ansto), 2014. • Hunter Children’s Research Foundation’s Community Acknowledgement of Research Excellence Award in Quality Improvement (C.A.R.E. Award), 2015. • International Congress on Obesity (ICO) Poster Prize for best research project in Public Health and Policy, 2010. • Australian Sports Medicine Federation Fellows Award: Asics Medal - Best Paper Overall, 2009. Global Partnerships: • Scottish prison service and Stirling University: In 2018, Health and Fitness instructors from the Scottish prison service were trained to deliver the program. Prison instructors will deliver a pilot HDHK program to incarcerated fathers in Perth and Kilmarnock Prisons and their families in 2019. • Baylor College of Medicine, USA: Adaptation and Spanish translation of the HDHK program for Latino-American families. The new program, Papás Saludables, Niños Saludables, is being pilot tested in a randomised controlled trial with families in Houston, Texas as part of a 3-year $824K US - National Institute of Health grant (2017-2019). • UK Fatherhood Institute and University of Birmingham: Successful in a $1.03M application to the UK National Institute for Health Research for a cultural adaptation in Birmingham with the University of Birmingham and the UK Fatherhood Institute (2016-2018). Dads And Daughters Exercising and Empowered Awards: • Australian Sports Medicine Federation Fellows Award: ASICS Medal for overall best paper at the ASICS Sports Medicine Australia Conference, 2018. Better together: Investigating the holistic benefits of father-daughter co-physical activity with mediation analysis. • ASICS Best paper for Physical Activity and Health Promotion, at the ASICS Sports Medicine Australia Conference, 2018. Better together: Investigating the holistic benefits of father-daughter co-physical activity with mediation analysis. • National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) Play Your Part Award – National Award for the Dads And Daughters Exercising and Empowered Program, 2017 • ASICS Best paper for Physical Activity and Health Promotion, at the ASICS Sports Medicine Australia Conference, 2015. Engaging dads to increase physical activity and well-being in girls: The DADEE (Dads and Daughters Exercising and Empowered) RCT. Global Partnerships: • The NSW Minister of Sport announced $2.4MIL of funding to disseminate DADEE across NSW in conjunction with the Office of Sport NSW (2019-2022). • Sport England announced funding of a 1-year development grant for the University of Newcastle, Women in Sport-UK, Fulham Football Premier League Club and the Fatherhood Institute-UK to adapt, test and pilot the DADEE programme in London, UK (2018). Sport England advised they will support a further 2 years of funding on achievement of key targets. • Current pending grant application to adapt and test DADEE in the U.S.A (Washington State University) and South Africa (South African Sports Science Institute). • DADEE will also be tested with sports specific variances with the Office of Sport, Football NSW, NNSWF, NSW Rugby League and NSW touch. Workplace POWER Awards: • National Preventive Health Awards, Australian National Preventive Health Agency -Tomago Aluminium, 2013. • Hunter Manufacturing Award – Excellence in Safety to Tomago Aluminium, 2011. National Partnerships: • Workplace POWER delivered to 25 employees at DARACON (2018) • Health Educators trained from Queensland Police to deliver the Workplace POWER program (2018) to QLD Police staff in three intakes per year, starting August 2018. • Health educators trained from Diabetes Western Australia (DWA) to deliver Workplace POWER program (2015). DWA subsequently delivered the program to organisations including All Earth Group (a civil contracting, logistics, materials and stabilisation company), B&J Catalano and WA Super (2015-2016). • Workplace POWER delivered to 40 employees at Transgrid (2015). • Workplace POWER delivered to over 300 employees at Tomago Aluminium (2011-2013).

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