The Man Walk Geelong

The guys Chris Lytas and Luke Outerbridge have done an awesome job of keeping the group together and jumping onto the zoom world to give us a way to stay in touch while in isolation. I've found it has become an important part of my week, especially because it's given me a platform to share my thoughts and concerns in a supportive environment.

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    I second Matt’s nomination of The Man Walk Geelong and back up his words. Chris Lytas and Luke Outerbridge started ‘The Man Walk’ in Geelong. I interviewed Chris and because of this, he joined the Humans in Geelong volunteer team. Through their work with ‘The Man Walk’ they’ve helped many men in our region and encouraged and inspired others to start Walks. The Man Walk Geelong attracts a diverse range of men who want to meet to ‘walk, talk and support’. Our team were heartened to hear a 16 year old boy joined the group. He then invited Chris to talk at his Secondary College about Mental Health and The Man Walk Geelong.
    Chris, on behalf of The Man Walk Geelong, spoke openly and thought-provokingly at our Humans in Geelong Expo 2019 which was the official opening of Mental Health Month for the region. He’s spoken to other groups raising awareness of The Man Walk Geelong and has a large, informative, social media presence.
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