Vicki Monaghan

Vicki is a field coordinator for Prostate Awareness Australia (PAA). PAA was established in July 2020 by the Qld Building and Construction Industry Associations to (i) raise the awareness of prostate cancer to men and their families within the industry, and (ii) provide cancer research funding to the Translation Research Institute (TRI) at the PA hospital, Brisbane. Vicki conducts 'tool box' and 'pre-start' meetings with employers and workers on construction sites, employer yards and business' offices . The talks are evidence based, informative, relative to workers and cover topics including - what the prostate is and its purpose, symptons and prevention via early diagnosis. PAA campaigns for workers to 'make a date with a mate' and get a regular psa blood test on their next RDO or day off. Since July 2020, Vicki has shared this life saving message with more than 5000 workers in South East Qld.

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