Chris Lytas

To say Chris is a passionate advocate for Mens Health is a massive understatement. His story really pulls you along his journey and helps you understand some of his drivers. His consistent optimistic approach to Mens Health is positively inspiring yet he is not affraid to speak up about the ongoing challenges that life throws at him and how he himself has an ongoing job to embrace and work threw these.

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    I second Neil’s nomination of Chris Lytas and back up his informative words. Chris Lytas and Luke started ‘The Man Walk’ in Geelong. I interviewed him because of this, and he joined the Humans in Geelong volunteer team. He spoke openly and thought-provokingly at our Humans in Geelong Expo 2019, which was the official opening of Mental Health Month for the region. He’s spoken at local Secondary Schools and to other groups. Chris is an inspiration.
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