The Man Walk Geelong

Whilst it would have been easy to sit back and wait for COVID-19 to pass, this is neither Chris Lytas or Luke Outerbridge's style. They acted quickly to acknowledge the incoming social distancing challenges with the walks and moved quickly to transition to Zoom meetings. They meetings have had regular good numbers with much humour, stories of support and even guest speakers from a Mental Health Professional and above all a consistent feeling of connection with these new friends we have made.

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    commented on The Man Walk Geelong 2020-05-24 14:26:36 +1000
    I second Neil’s nomination of The Man Walk Geelong and his informative words. Chris Lytas and Luke started ‘The Man Walk’ in Geelong. I interviewed him because of this he joined the Humans in Geelong team. Through their work with ‘The Man Walk’ they’ve helped many men in our region and encouraged and inspired others to start Walks. When Covid-19 struck, they took The Man Walk Geelong online because they knew that it was paramount that this group stay connected, particularly during this difficult period. Chris and Luke of The Man Walk Geelong are an inspiration.
    published The Man Walk Geelong in Response to COVID-19 Health Award 2020-05-18 20:34:39 +1000