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New Book Explores Health Promotion Strategies for Adolescent Boys and Young Men of Colour

A new book titled "Health Promotion with Adolescent Boys and Young Men of Colour" brings together leading global men's health researchers and practitioners to explore the complex intersections between age, race, and gender in the lives of young males of colour.

Authors James A Smith, Daphne C Watkins, and Derek M Griffith say historically men have been known to adopt risky health practices and resist seeking help or engaging in preventive health behaviours.

This has been linked to poorer health outcomes, especially among adolescent boys and young men. The vulnerabilities faced by adolescent boys and young men of colour (BYMOC) are diverse and reflected in a range of tailored health promotion interventions that aim to address systemic inequities.

The book highlights the practical actions that can be taken to improve the health and social trajectories of BYMOC. The editors and contributors have collated international research and promising practice examples from Australia, the United States, New Zealand, and Canada to celebrate health promotion strategies that help to improve the health and social trajectories of BYMOC.

Professor Smith, the Deputy Dean of Rural and Remote Health NT and a Matthew Flinders Professor of Health and Social Equity at Flinders University, said the book “provides an opportunity for readers to learn about different health promotion strategies being adopted throughout the world.”

“It is a useful resource for all people working in the men's health field, said Professor Smith, who is a Fellow of the Australian Health Promotion Association and has worked in the field of men's health for over 20 years.

The book moves beyond discussing the health inequities faced by BYMOC to discuss practical actions to address them in context. Health promotion approaches that influence structural and systemic inequities experienced by BYMOC have been a prominent feature.

The book is a useful resource for practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, and students interested in health promotion/public health, social work/social policy, education, men's health, youth development, Indigenous studies, and health and social equity.

It is published by Springer and available for purchase as an ebook or hard cover. (ebook approx. AUD$131 and hard cover approx. AUD$155 on current exchange rates).


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