Shay P Leighton

Shay is the man that started the Tough Guy Book club. It has changed my life and is a great way for men to come together and talk books (small part of it) and their lives and struggles. 2 rules - 1. You cannot mention work for what you do for a living, and 2. No d**kheads allowed. It works well. They meet once a month and its grown internationally and new 'chapters' are starting every month - they are close to 50 chapters around the globe now. The Age newspaper featured an article on the club. Shay is a man lifesaver. I think he deserves some recognition. We even do monthly challenges, health/.well-being related. For example, this month is getting your cholesterol checked. Last month was 'beer with a stranger' in your club, and before that was blood pressure check. They have an annual camp to get together and learn new things.

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    I’ve never been comfortable talking to other men. Come to think of it, I’ve never been comfortable talking. Tough Guy Book Club has changed all that. It’s taken a while, but I’ve now come to realise that Book Club is my “safe” place to talk. Sometimes, just getting something of your chest is enough to make all the difference, and that’s certainly helped me a lot. Shay has somehow managed to create something pretty special here. Sure, lots of others may have been able to establish “men’s groups”, but I doubt that anyone has been able to do it on a national (and international) scale the way Shay has. I don’t just feel embraced by the men in my own chapter; I feel embraced by every man in this organisation, despite not having actually met 95% of them. Thank you Shay.
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    I went to my first Tough Guy Book Club meeting about six years ago and have never stopped. This club Shay has started has been of great value to me and other guys i meet at the monthly meetings.

    I like the idea and the benefits the club brings to its members so much I now run one of the Melbourne chapters.

    Shay needs to be congratulated on his unique take on men’s health.
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    What Mr Leighton has started cannot be measured in dollars & cents, but measurable by impact on the lives of attendees to Tough Guy Book Club around Australia and overseas.
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    It’s said that men don’t talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder. Book club provides a regular real life meeting outside work with blokes who become your mates, and gives them a platform to talk to each other and a support network that cannot be bought. There is no cost to book club and everything is opt-in. We don’t talk about work and this rule is absolutely liberating. It equalised the men in the room and elevates them all above “what they do”. Far from misogynistic, put a bunch of literate males together and they will rally against sexism and call it out if it happens in a book or in the room.

    I’m extremely grateful to Shay for all his hard work making this thing so valuable to so many. He’s the toughest guy I know.
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    Shay and TGBC have changed my life.

    Blokes struggle to talk, but armed with a book and a beer, it’s so much easier.

    I feel part of a community that I look forward to meeting during the month
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    Shay started something that I never knew I would be excited about every month. He’s encouraged me to have conversations with my mates I never knew I needed to have. The man had literally saved lives by getting guys to talk to each other.
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