Michael Lauria - Forging Excalibur

I am nominating Michael Lauria, an inspiring thought and business leader, who is focused on improving the lives of a billion men. The reach of his efforts however will far surpass this number as there will be a domino impact from these men to supporting women and children. Michael's experience and knowledge is vast, yet his purpose and mission is clear. Empower men and positively engage with them to live their best life. To live a life on purpose, one of heightened awareness where the individual takes accountability for the results they get in life. He guides and inspires people to take ownership of their life and in doing so, has a significant impact on the individual as well as the community these individuals interact and belong to. His message is powerful and his approach is effective in improving the lives of those he works with both directly as well as indirectly. Thank you Michael for your vulnerability, your dedication and for all you do to make this world a better place for all - to provide a support network to other men and in doing so improve the lives of all those who they meet.

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