"Life: get amongst it" website encouraging retirees to become active

Retirees often don't know what to do with their new-found time. If there are no grandchildren to look after or other projects to get on with, life can become mundane unless the retiree takes action to avoid it. There is also a clear relationship between physical, mental and social activity, and good health. Maintaining activity in these three areas can improve the quality of life and prolong it also. Men can have more problems than women in retirement, in part because their identity is more closely tied to their careers. While employed, they develop a strong routine and many of their friendships come from work. Self-esteem and a sense of purpose can be maintained after retirement if the retiree is open to new ideas. There are lots of activities beyond lawn bowls and cards to occupy and challenge a person. Whether they be volunteering, exploring new or old environments, or learning new skills, challenges for everyone are out there and easy to access. There has been little on the web until now to show what retirees can do, so "Life: get amongst it" was established to film people becoming involved in various activities, and upload the videos to a dedicated Internet site. Each video combines interviews explaining the background and relevant activities and shows people developing skills. The final video for each segment is about 10 minutes long. Links from the web sites of the organisations involved are welcomed. There are now 20 videos on the site and another 20 planned. The completed videos show volunteer working with organisations such as the Sydney Heritage Fleet, Taronga Zoo, Royal Botanic Garden, and the SES, as well as activities with Men's Shed, Sydney Philharmonia Choir and Workshop Arts Centre, among others. The web site address is: www.lifegetamongstit.com.au and the YouTube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCitjQagOR-xNZDYcInSYntQ The contact at "Life: get amongst it" is Robert Simms, 0402395543 or [email protected]

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