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Pages tagged "Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men"

National 2020 Men’s Health Award winners announced

The winners of the National 2020 Men’s Health Awards were named today across five categories.

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NACCHO calls on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to focus on their health

NACCHO, the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, has called on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to focus on their health after two months of COVID-19 enforced isolation.

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24/7 help line opens for Aboriginal men

Dardi Munwurro has transformed its services to digital in a bid to address the need for immediate help during and beyond the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Indigenous men's healing work up for men's health award

Steven Torres-Carne, Senior Project Office at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation, has been nominated for the 2019 NT Men’s Health Awards for his work in designing, developing and implementing healing programs for Indigenous men.

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Indigenous Male Health Research project in running for award

An innovative research project that counters negative stereotypes about young Indigenous men has been shortlisted for a 2019 NT Men’s Health Award.

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Indigenous Health Report Card released at Ochre Day

The Australian Men’s Health Forum today published a report reviewing the current state of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Male Health.

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What limits Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men from getting health help

Dr Kootsy Canuto’s PhD research study into barriers faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander male health in accessing primary health care services (PHCSs) has highlighted the need for Indigenous men to have more input into making services male-friendly.

Published in December 2018, the study sought to investigate the motivators and enablers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men using existing services, what prevented them from doing so and what could be improved.

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Close the gap: 3 quick facts about Indigenous education

The Closing the Gap 2019 report tabled in Federal parliament on 14 February outlines targets that have been met and those which have not been met across a range of areas relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

These include education, with the report highlighting key gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in areas such as literacy, numeracy and school enrolment.

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Strong Dads Strong Futures study engages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island men in parenting research

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men have rarely rated a mention within discussions of parenting; their roles and responsibilities largely neglected or ignored.

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Learning about Indigenous masculinity from Inala Wangarra's Rites of Passage program

Beale Street in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, along the Mississippi River is famously known as the home of the blues. It’s 2.9 km stretch is also synonymous with the pain and struggle of black America, depicted by James Baldwin in his book If Beale Street Could Talk, now a feature film from director Barry Jenkins’ (a follow-up to the Academy Award-winning Moonlight). 

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