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Government targets suicide prevention funding at male suicide

The Federal Government has announced that it will specifically target men in its latest round of suicide prevention funding.

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Suicide Prevention Australia advisory group to focus on male suicide

Suicide Prevention Australia, in partnership with the Australian Men’s Health Forum, has received a NSW Government grant of $340,000 over three years to implement a male-targeted suicide prevention project.

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Men’s Resources Tasmania seeks funding for male-focused health programs

Men’s Resources Tasmania will hold a special vigil on the lawns of Parliament House from 7pm on August 23, calling on the Tasmanian Government to fund a multi-faceted campaign addressing male suicide prevention and to improve male health outcomes in the state. 

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4 in 5 Australians back more Government funding for men’s issues

Public opinion survey (n=1,250+) released for Men’s Health Week (14 – 20 June)

Four in five Australians say they want the Government to invest more money tackling the health and social issues that impact men, such as mental health and male suicide.

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