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Pages tagged "Gender equity"

Second round of Northern Territory grants open to support men’s health

The second round of grants to support men’s health and wellbeing in the Northern Territory opened on International Men’s Day as part of the Government’s on-going commitment to building stronger communities.

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Is the gender gap in long hours damaging men's health?

Millions of Australians are spending long hours at work and it could be having a negative impact on their health. Men in particular are up to three times more likely than women to work long hours in paid work and yet the Federal Government has so far chosen to ignore the gendered nature of the problem.

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Have your say: does gender inequality impact men and boys?

Does gender inequality impact men and boys? One of the principles of the National Men’s Health Strategy is that we should acknowledge the influence of gender on health and address the gender inequality issues faced by men. But what are the gender inequality issues that impact men and boys?

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What does the men’s sector think about gender equality?

The Australian Government has invited feedback on its plan for a new National Strategy to Achieve Gender Equality.

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Have your say on the Gender Equality Strategy

The Australian Government is inviting feedback on its plan for a new National Strategy to Achieve Gender Equality. It says gender equality impacts everyone, so it wants to hear diverse voices and understand people's priorities across Australia.

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6 steps to improve men’s health literacy

The Australian Government is currently developing a National Men's Health Strategy that aims to make it easier for all Australians to get the information and support they need to stay healthy. 

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Health services failing male victims of child sexual abuse, says industry leader

Craig Hughes-Cashmore, guest speaker at the newly established National Men’s Lived Experience of Suicide Network, says mental health services are under-equipped to identify and deal with male victims of child sexual abuse who are at risk of suicide. 

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Males not signing up for teaching despite push by NSW Government

The NSW Department of Education is on a quest to get more men into teaching, but ongoing recruitment endeavours have failed to attract males to the female-dominated profession.

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Getting more men into nursing means a rethink of gender roles

From The Conversation: Demand for health care is soaring as the population ages, medical treatments become more widely available and more people live with chronic and complex illnesses. 

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New report seeks to tackle male cancer inequalities

A new report published by the European Cancer Organisation (ECO) highlights the actions that could be taken to reduce the burden that cancer has on men's health.

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