Top Blokes Foundation

Top Blokes Foundation designs and delivers mentoring programs to boys and young men aged 10-24, with the goal of improving their mental health, resilience, empathy and healthy relationships. Delivered by qualified youth workers, our school-based programs tackle the difficult and important issues, including mental health, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, masculinity and consent, through weekly discussions and activities that are specifically designed to engage boys and young men. By improving young men’s health, we aim to reduce preventable deaths by suicide, violence and risk-taking behaviours. In 2018, we delivered 119 weekly mentoring programs across 52 schools and partner organisations, amounting to 13,565 face-to-face mentoring hours. To date, our programs have positively impacted over 11,000 boys and young men. For our work, Top Blokes Foundation was recognised with 2018’s Significant Contribution to Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Young Men and Boys Award at the Australian Men’s Health Gathering Awards.

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