Vote Today! ACT Men's Health Awards Shortlist

There are six shortlisted nominations for the 2019 ACT Men's Health Awards. You have until Sunday 2nd June to cast your vote.

The nominations for ACT are listed below and you can cast your vote now using this online voting form.

During Men’s Health Week, on Tuesday 11th June 2019, we'll be in Canberra to announce the winner of the ACT Men's Health Awards for 2019 and publishing our report card on the State of Men's Health in ACT.

You can book a free place to join us in Hobart  at 9am on Tuesday 11th June, but before you be sure to cast your vote for one of the nominees listed below:


The Healthy Tradie Project takes a different approach to health and wellbeing in the construction industry, focusing on physical, mental and emotional health through movement, mindfulness and nutrition. It’s well-known for getting tradies doing yoga. The Healthy Tradie Project says they are taking on the macho culture of the construction industry and making Tradies feel OK with showing vulnerability and opening up to their mates.

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

The Healthy Tradie Project is specifically targeted at male-dominated construction industry. Founder, Pip Seldon and her business partner, Richard Toomey, have both worked in the industry and say they can relate to the pressures and stress of working in construction first hand.

What Impact Is The Project Making?

Evidence of the project’s success is often anecdotal, but feedback from employers and individuals confirms a reduction in on-site incidents, a shift in workplace cultur; healthier meal options, eliminating sugar filled drink / vending machines from the workplace and a general feeling of wellbeing amongst teams. Many have made changes to their own life, incorporating regular exercise, a mindfulness or breath practice or making changes to their diet.



The OzHelp Foundation has a 16-year track record of delivering mental health and wellbeing programs to ‘hard to reach’ men with a heightened risk of suicide. Their services are delivered in the building, construction, mining and other largely male-dominated and hard to reach industry settings in metropolitan, regional and remote locations.

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

OzHelp’s programs and services have been designed to be delivered in male–dominated industries and workplaces. OzHelp builds rapport with workers through informal introductory sessions such as Hard Hat Chats and on-site BBQ. They say their non-clinical approach resonates with men and their program content is brief, with highly targeted messages, relatable graphics and case studies from their own industry.

What Impact Is The Project Making?

This financial year, OzHelp will reach a record 40,000 people. They are experiencing increasing demand from industry groups and large employers of men who want to work in partnership over extended periods to embed our training and support programs within their workplaces. Ozhelp say their partnership approach and evidence-based programs are delivering essential services to individuals at risk, whilst also supporting positive changes within workplace cultures, policies and practices.



The Mengineering Program works with fathers and sons living within the Canberra region. Father involvement is positively linked with children’s overall life satisfaction, wellbeing and mental health. In particular, sons whose fathers are involved are more likely to feel connected to them, are better able to handle new and unfamiliar situations, can manage stressful situations, and are more supported and eager to explore their environment.

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

Mengineering works specifically with “fathers and sons” and includes “other positive males” who are interested and actively involved in a boys’ life. They say they do not discourage the involvement of mothers but target men as a priority.

What Impact Is The Project Making?

Mengineering says that the evidence that it having a positive impact can be seen in the positive feedback it receives from participants and hosts. It currently operates in the ACT and has ambitions to expand nationally Mengineering says that sons with connected fathers are also more likely to experience higher levels of self-reported happiness and confidence, fewer feelings of fear and guilt, and less emotional distress and upset.



Men’s Health Down Under is a specialist men’s health pharmacy that deals with a range of urological issues. Its main focus is supporting men who’ve had a prostatectomy, a procedure that can impact men’s physical and mental health. Launched in 2013 by Brad Butt in Canberra, Men’s Health Down Under has 3 full-time pharmacists.

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

It’s a specialist service for men, that is open at weekends and in the evenings. Men can access a pharmacist, with or without their partners, on an ad hoc basis and the initial consultation is an hour long, ensuring men have time to get all their questions answered.

What Impact Is The Project Making?

They now deliver services outside in 3 states outside the ACT via teleconference and an online shop. Medicine and treatment options are forever evolving so Men’s Health Down Under takes pride in its strong internal processes, staff training and strong relationships with a network Urologists, GPs, sexual health clinics, physiotherapists, prostate nurses, psychologists and sex therapists.



Menslink run two education programs throughout schools in the ACT. “Silence is Deadly” works to reduce the stigma associated with help seeking and introduces young men to the concept of mental fitness. “PRIDE” runs over eight sessions and helps young men develop their self-awareness and exposes them to valuable life skills to help them identify and cultivate constructive personal behaviours.

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

Menslink’s programs are delivered by men to to male-only groups, which they find creates a better environment for young men to open up than co-ed settings. The programs also recognizes that young men may be more likely to externalise “mental health” and so structures conversations in male-friendly language about life’s “hassles” rather than “mental illness”.

What Impact Is The Project Making?

‘Silence is Deadly’ reaches approximately 9,000 young men each year and is supported by free advertising through the WIN Network. Menslink’s own evaluation has found that 83% of participating schools say they see an improvement in male students seeking support from counsellors.



Working With The Man is a program delivered by EveryMan Australia that aims to support men to deal with their use of violence.

 What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

EveryMan works to support men in the areas of life that matter to them. Their violence prevention services are provided to men from the position that using violence has a profound negative impact on who they are as human beings. They also provide support to the people in their lives that these men care about such as their partners and their families.

What Impact Is The Project Making?

EveryMan has been operated for over twenty years, supporting men who are at risk of homelessness, living with mental illness or disability, ex-prisoners, perpetrators or survivors of domestic and family violence, men who are socially isolated, having relationship or parenting difficulties, suffering with depression or anxiety. EveryMan says they have supported men to avoid falling into despair and suicide, and from committing further acts of violence and that they have achieve a reoffending rate of just 7% since the program’s inception in 2011.


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